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The Finance Committee of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico has developed an updated proposal regarding the Spring Budget Bill that will be in effect for the upcoming fiscal year.

At the beginning of last week's full Senate meeting Financial Chair Satchel Ben confirmed that nearly $4,000 of unallocated funds remained in the budget. In response to this, senators voted down the proposed bill, so that the Finance Committee could craft a budget that would include this extra money.

At Wednesday’s finance meeting Ben said the exact amount left to be allocated totaled out at $3,917.

He said he planned to distribute this surplus evenly to the 105 student organizations that are not agencies of ASUNM or organizations that fall under the Student Activities Center, such as the UNM Welcome Back Days.

It is estimated that eligible student organizations will receive an estimated $37 each.

Despite this increase, many student organizations are still left with budget assumptions that are well under their original requests.

ASUNM originally had over one million dollars in requests, and it is currently set to allocate — including the aforementioned $3,917 — a total of $678,906, according to the Spring Budget Bill.

The Finance Committee's proposal will be presented and voted on at the April 11 ASUNM full Senate meeting.

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