Seventeen years ago, April 7, was the last time I rode in any car! I have not owned a car for 38 years.

I condemn wars for oil! I condemn fracking. Cars cause catastrophic climate chaos. Cars poison the air. Highways, streets, parking lots and garages smother millions of acres of fertile soil needed for growing food and trees. Trees soak up the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and provide needed oxygen.

I save much money! No car repairs, no parking and traffic tickets, no car vandalism, no flat tires, no car insurance, no monthly payments, no car theft.

Car crashes have injured and killed millions! Most people worldwide cannot afford to own a car. How much sicker the environment would be if all people old enough on Earth drove cars like most USA-ans.

Sadly many USA-ans are addicted to driving their cars as much as their dollars and time allow. They have no strong conscience against hogging the world’s resources and poisoning the planet for future generations. They regard this insane deadly addiction to driving cars and to flying in planes as their absolute right — far more important than the lives and homelands of Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Nigerians, Columbians, Ecuadorians...destroyed in the U.S. empire’s evil pursuit of oil.

I would not keep a car if you gave me one free! I walk mostly. Sometimes I ride the city bus. If we are physically able, walking is best, bicycles are second, then trains, buses and ships. Worst of all for our health and the environment are cars and planes.

Much walking strengthens the bones and heart, prevents diabetes, clears the mind and stimulates blood circulation. Our legs can be great doctors! I love to walk!

I pledge never to own a car the rest of my life.

As a worldwide human family, we stand dangerously on the edge of a cliff. Progress means stepping backward! We can wake up! We can change!

Don Schrader