“Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” does not live up to its trailer.

With the movie’s tagline being “hell hath no fury,” I went into the theater expecting to sit through a drama about a wife’s actions after she learned her husband was cheating. Maybe she would threaten to reveal his secrets to everyone he knows, maybe she would leave him for her girlfriends or another man. All I knew from the tagline was that she was going to “bring hell.”

I did not get what I expected.

Instead I sat through a movie with a ridiculous plot whose drama genre would be better classified as fantasy because of how impossible and overly dramatic the characters and their actions were.

Released on March 30, “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” was directed, produced and written all by Tyler Perry himself. The film starred Taraji P. Henson as Melina, who is seen sitting dramatically in the movie’s poster, Lyriq Bent as Robert and Crystle Stewart as Diana.

Tyler Perry, these characters are not real people.

Perry made his female character act as if she was pathologically insane. As a woman, I was somewhat insulted as the characterization was so shocking.

Having also created his series of Madea films, I believed that “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” had real potential to be a good movie, but the absolutely ridiculous screenwriting made the film hard to follow and honestly, somewhat uninteresting.

After it lacked an initial wow factor, I was waiting for there to be an amazing scene, a mind-blowing plot twist, for the film to just make a little more sense — but it never really did.

Once I realized that the film wasn’t going anywhere, it was hard to sit through it until the end and it was intellectually frustrating.

I cannot emphasize this enough: the film was absolutely not worth the price of a ticket.

Even if you have already seen everything else in the theaters and are looking for a theater trip, do not waste your money here. If you just have to see it, wait until you can rent it on Redbox or Amazon.

The most you will get out of this movie is some humor from how crazy the plot and the characters’ actions are. But please, don’t set your expectations very high. I definitely should have expected less.

Timber Mabes is a culture reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @timbermabes.