The love for travel inspired one graduate to dedicate herself to learning what it takes to help her community.

Marilyn Caro double-majored in international studies and Spanish. She completed her international studies major with a concentration in culture and arts in global perspective, and she emphasized this concentration on Latin America.

During her college career she also worked two jobs, one at the Starbucks in Zimmerman Library and at Glenn Smith Valdez Law Office.

She said working at these two jobs helped ingratiate her into the UNM community.

“I loved interacting with so many different students and faculty at Zimmerman,” she said.

Caro said balancing two jobs and two majors was challenging at times because after long days of work she would still have to go home to study, adding that time management was something she learned throughout the years.

While balancing work and school, Caro was also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega, Women’s Fraternity Alpha Gamma chapter at UNM.

Members of Alpha Chi Omega are involved in many on-campus activities. Caro says the on-campus community has worked wonders for her college career.

“Being in Alpha Chi Omega helped me stay involved on campus and made my college experience much more memorable.” Caro said.

Caro is also confident about her future and said, “Being at UNM has broadened my leadership abilities and allowed me to prepare for the post-grad world.”

Caro said she is considering joining an alumni organization.

“I would love to stay connected and give back to UNM any way I can. I’ve met a lot of great people on this campus and I think giving back to the community would be satisfying.”

“I’m very happy with what I was able to accomplish during my time here at UNM,” Caro said. “I’ve met so many great people that have motivated me to participate in my community.”

Caro said seeing her mom struggle to speak English growing up inspired her to want to help people with English as a second language in any way she can.

As for right after college, Caro will continue her job at the law office.

“I’ve already got a job lined up as a legal assistant, I can’t wait to grow and make a name for myself in the world,” Caro said.

Donald Amble is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @Deambler.