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Collage includes album covers from Arctic Monkeys, Childish Gambino, Ryan Beatty and Jay Rock.

Collage includes album covers from Arctic Monkeys, Childish Gambino, Ryan Beatty and Jay Rock.

Best songs of May 2018

Jay Rock- “WIN”

“Win” featuring Kendrick Lamar feels as though it was seemingly created for TDE’s Championship Tour. Although “Win” is relatively simplistic, the marching band horns which reign over the majority of the track feel uplifting and inspiring. If your workout playlist doesn’t have “Win” next to Kanye’s “Power” how do you even find motivation to do anything?

Charlie Puth- ”BOY”

Off of Charlie Puth’s sophomore album “Voicenotes” the track “BOY” is an upbeat, playful anthem to guys born in the 90’s who seemingly keep getting treated like a younger boy. Charlie’s lullaby voice stands out like a diamond in an 80’s rough as he effortlessly glides through his hook singing “You won't wake up beside me/ 'Cause I was born in the '90s/ Baby, how dare you treat me just like/ Like a boy.”

Arctic Monkeys- “Four Out Of Five”

The Arctic Monkeys are back from their very, very long break and instead of making a repeat to their outstanding record “AM,” they took to creating a mirror for society to see ourselves in. On the albums easiest listen “Four Stars Out Of Five” the Arctic Monkeys create a suave advertisement for the albums fictitious hotel on the moon. “Four Stars Out Of Five” is built upon a classic Arctic Monkeys song structure where the songs climax feels epic and larger than life.

Childish Gambino- “This Is America”

Childish Gambino seems to be improving on every aspect of his musical capabilities and with “This is America” Gambino reaches higher than ever before. Opening on a light tune with Young Thug, Gambino sings about how instead of hearing hard hitting messages in music, America only wants black artist to make music to dance and party to. With no warning “This is America” takes a 180 and turns to a dark ominous beat that Gambino raps over exploring all of hip-hop’s stereotypes and expectations. Along with a powerful song comes an even more powerful video, Childish Gambino has outdone himself in every aspect.

Florence and the Machine- “Hunger”

Originally written as a poem not meant to be sung, Florence opens up about her fears and explores her younger self. “Hunger” finds Florence at her most vulnerable yet opening with “At seventeen, I started to starve myself/ I thought that love was a kind of emptiness/ And at least I understood then the hunger I felt/ And I didn't have to call it loneliness.” Like on “Sky Full of Song” Florence has lassode her own voice from out of the sky and brought it back down to earth to play and mingle with her bands instruments.

Leon Bridges- “Beyond”

With Leon Bridge’s soul and raspy voice he has created “Beyond,” a song that Ed Sheeran can only dream of making. “Beyond” is a sweet, lovely tune that will inevitably end up being played at weddings from today to the end of time. Bridges presents himself as a nervously happy man who just came across the love of his life, and can’t stop contemplating the possibility of marrying the woman he just met.

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Troye Sivan- “Bloom”

“Bloom” is Troye Sivan’s feel good summer time fling of a song. With a bouncy, bubbly bass Sivan lands a hook that is simplistic, catchy and will undoubtedly make the stiff standing along the wall of a house party tap their foot to the feel good song of the summer.

Mac Miller- “Small Worlds”

Mac Miller dropped three singles on May 29th, “Programs,” “Buttons” and “Small Worlds” in the midst of his high-profile break-up with singer, Ariana Grande. Miller seems to revert back to his older, pre-”Divine Feminine” sound that is the reason for his current popularity. Miller discusses his personal issues, and how he is learning to deal with them.

Ryan Beatty- “Bruise”

Brockhampton co-signee, Ryan Beatty sings about his secret relationship with a boy on his latest, “Bruise.” The nostalgic track makes for an easy listen, with it’s simplistic beat and melody. Beatty has been featured on many Brockhampton tracks, including the ending vocals on “LET’S GET MARRIED,” the video that announced the groups signing with RCA Records.

A$AP Rocky (feat. Frank Ocean & Ms. Lauryn Hill)- “Purity”

“Purity” is the emotional climax of A$AP Rocky’s latest album “Testing.” Frank Ocean and Lauryn Hill aid Rocky at making a stand out track that will stand the test of time. On the hook sampled from Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged performance she sings, “I gotta find peace of mind” but it can also be heard as “I’ve got a fine piece of mind.” Frank does what he does best, he delivers a stream of consciousness rap that is truly captivating.

Idles- "Colossus"

Post-punk provocateurs, Idles were one of the breakout groups of 2017. Their unique blend of ferocious and artsy post-punk sounds, combined with incredibly witty lyrics helped them stand out in a scene littered with ripped-off sounds from decades ago. “Colossus” brings a slower and methodical sound to the mix. The tracks continues to build and build until it all comes crashing down in one blistering crescendo. An attack on toxic masculinity, some lyrical gems include “I’m like Stone Cold Steve Austin/I put homophobes in coffins.” If you’re a fan of music that laughs as much as it bites, “Colossus” and nearly every song by Idles is worth checking out.

Parquet Courts- "Freebird II"

The Brooklyn-based Parquet Courts have been renowned for utilizing many different genres in their music, usually post-punk and country. On their latest album, “Wide Awake,” the quartet dabbles in a brand new sound — classic rock. “Freebird II” lives up to its name, combining the charming keyboards of acts like The Band with an undeniable Eagles influence. It’s a funky little track that reflects about the many changes one experiences throughout their life. In the midst of one of the best tracklists the band has ever produced, “Freebird II” sticks out for bringing a new flavor to an old sound.

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