Every month a few of the Daily Lobo reporters put together a list of our favorite songs released in that month and they are added to our songs of the year playlist on spotify. For the month of July, we pulled songs released by Brockhampton, Ryan Beatty, Blood Orange and Chance the Rapper so you can find music to add to your daily rotation as well. The month of July was particularly dry as far as quality music releases, the length of our list show this.

“Charcoal Baby”- Blood Orange

“Charcoal Baby” was the first single off of of Blood Orange’s latest album “Negro Swan.” “Charcoal Baby” is a quiet, meditative song that is clearly heavily influenced by Solange. Blood Orange creates a calm space full of synths, melodic voices and faint beats. In an interview with Pitchfork, Producer Dev Hynes, states that with the vocal arrangements he wanted to create “a celebration of black skin.”

“1999 Wildfire”- Brockhampton

With the departure of Ameer Vann “1999 Wildfire” is the first of three songs that Brockhampton released following their now famous Saturation trilogy. “1999” is an Outkast esque track that highlights each member at their best. Matt Champion’s first verse is a fresh step in a new direction for him, Joba creates a playful burst of medieval themed lines and Bearface finally finds a way to fit into a track without draining its energy.

“Haircut”- Ryan Beatty

The intro to Ryan Beatty’s debut album, “Boy in Jeans” is a fresh summer jam full of hope and promise. With expertly crafted production and fascinating lyrics and Ryan’s strawberry sweet voice, it’s hard to not find yourself falling for this track. “Haircut” an excellent segway into the rest of Ryan's album.

“Courtside”- Triathlon

The New York based, five person group created a chill summer ballad as they prepare for their fall 2018 tour. The simple track features laid back guitar riffs and lo-fi R&B feels that makes for a perfect song to listen to on a summer day, driving around town with the windows down.

“I Might Need Security”- Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper dropped a series of four singles, each framed with individual abstract album art, with “I Might Need Security” being the standout record. The songs rides out the continuous “F*ck you” that was later determined to be a pitched up sample from a Jamie Foxx stand up special- I Might Need Security. Chance raps about Chicago politics, and paired this song perfectly with his announcement of his acquisition of the Chicago newsite, “Chicagoist,” that previously stopped production.

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