Students Creating Really Awesome Productions, or SCRAP for short, is a theater organization on campus that got its current name in 2005 but has been around since the late 80’s.

The main goal of the group is to provide opportunities for students and to encourage creativity in all forms of theater and performance in general, said Cheyenne Bilbrey, the current president of SCRAP.

“Specifically at the meetings we tell students about opportunities in the community and auditions coming up as well as workshops,” Bilbrey said. “As for shows, we put on one show every semester and that’s directed, acted, and designed by students.”

That’s not all the performing they do during the semester. They also hold a festival in which playwrights can participate.

“It’s all ten minute plays and we select eight to ten of those to perform and again we have student designers, student actors, and student tech,” Bilbrey said.

In addition to that and past fundraising events, SCRAP has other activities they participate in. One example is a Halloween pumpkin carving event that they held last year for the group to be creative together.

“It’s just a great community, we all have fun together,” Bilbrey said.

As a long term member, Bilbrey said that the SCRAP community is one that really works for busy college students.

“A lot of groups have many of requirements, you have to attend certain fundraisers, you have to donate,” Bilbrey said. “All we ask is you be there when you want to be there, you help when you can, and there’s no fear of being kicked out.”

Bilbrey said there is no cost for joining and attendance is not mandatory. She said SCRAP is a niche environment for students who enjoy watching or participating in theater, and joining is for everyone who wants to give it a try.

“Just come to a meeting and you're a part of it. Be in a SCRAP show and you’re a part of it. Really just participate in any of our activities, we’ll remember, and you can come back anytime,” she said.

Though participation in SCRAP gives you no class credit or pass as an activity requirement, it does provide you with multiple opportunities within the theater department.

“If you’re a part of SCRAP it makes you more likely to be remembered and you’ll be someone we would recommend to the faculty if they’re looking for a designer, a stage manager, or a crew member,” Bilbrey said.

SCRAP encourages people to join them during their first meeting of the semester on August 28 at 3 p.m. in B427 of the CTRART building.

Tiffani Watteyne is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @tiffanirosew.