The printing system at the University of New Mexico’s Main Campus got a reboot this semester.

Printing across campus is now operated by Wēpa, a cloud based printing solution, said Elisha Allen, the director of academic technology at UNM IT. This system allows students to print their documents remotely from the cloud. According to Allen, the system takes LoboCa$h and any debit or credit card.

In order to print using a Wēpa printer, students must first upload their document to the cloud. Allen said documents can be remotely uploaded from any computer or from a mobile device using the Wēpa print away app.

If students do not want to upload documents to the cloud, pulling them up at the printer is still an option. Students can access Outlook to print as well, Allen said. From the printer, students can select the document they want to print.

Once the document is selected, users can swipe any debit or credit card. Allen said students can use their UNM ID to print if they have uploaded LoboCa$h.

The pricing has also changed. Printing is now the same price everywhere on campus. Before, printing was 10 cents per page and now it is 6 cents per page.

“There are a number of advantages to this printing system. The first is that across campus you can use any printer,” Allen said. “At this point it is one unified system across campus. A student can retrieve their document at any one of (the) 50 printer locations.”

According to Brian Hauck, a third year architecture student, the new printing system is not user friendly. He said printing can take up to 15 minutes, noting that the previous system took less time.

As an architecture student, Hauck said he frequently has to print documents for class and the money he spends on printing could be used for other things.

“You have to jump through hoops to print, it’s especially frustrating when on tight deadlines,” he said.

The change in printing systems came about after student fee allocations to Academic Technologies was cut, Allen said, which is why there is no longer free printing. She said UNM IT worked with the student fee review board, Associated Students of UNM and Graduate and Professional Student Association to make sure the budget cut impacted students as minimally as possible.

Megan Holmen is the assistant news editor at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @megan_holmen.