Misdemeanor warrant arrest, battery, escape from custody of a peace officer

On the afternoon of Aug. 30, an officer was sent to Zimmerman Library, according to a UNMPD report.

The officer met with a female student who said a male followed her from the Student Union Building to the library. The male sat at the same table as her and stared at her. She ignored him.

The male started to eat part of the student’s lunch. She asked him not to do that, and another person at the table told him to leave, stating that he was bothering them. The male began to caress the student’s arm from her shoulder to her elbow. She said that “she was creeped out and told him to stop,” according to the report.

The student told security about what was happening. The male was taken to another area to wait for police — he was arrested for two local warrants. The student said she was not sure about pressing charges. The police report will be sent to the Dean of Students Office to ban the male from the University.

An officer took the male to UNMPD. While escorting the male out of the officer’s vehicle, the male started to run. He ran over half a mile before police stopped him. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and he fell onto his chin.

Rescue was called, and the male was taken to Presbyterian Hospital. The officer that initially drove him to UNMPD rode with him in the ambulance. He was cleaned and his chin was stitched at the hospital.

Two other officers took the original officer’s position. The male was discharged from the hospital, and officers took him to the Metropolitan Detention Center.

One of the officers that relieved the original officer called the original officer, stating that booking was overcrowded when they arrived at the detention center, and the officers would need to stay there until the morning.

Only two officers were on patrol, and the male was released. This case will be sent to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Misdemeanor warrant, battery upon a peace officer, resisting, evading, obstructing an officer

On the morning of Aug. 31, an officer was dispatched to 2301 Central Ave. NE and found the same male from the incident on Aug. 30 (listed above) sleeping on University property, according to a police report.

The male was told to leave UNM property — he left and then returned to the UNMPD station to pick up his personal belongings. He started to fight when police told him his warrant was still valid. One officer was able to handcuff one of the male’s wrists, but officers could not cuff both wrists during the male’s violent struggle.

The male threw his body at the door and opened it. Officers pulled him away, and the door was shut. Police assisted the male to the ground. One officer was kicked in the shin, another was kicked in the knee and leg and a third officer was bitten on the leg. The male continued to kick and bite. The male was tased twice before both handcuffs were secured.

Officers kept the male on the ground until emergency medical services arrived. EMS cleared the male, and he refused medical transport. He was charged with three counts of battery upon a police officer. A fourth officer took photos of the injuries on the officers involved in the incident. Two officers involved took the male to the Metropolitan Detention Center for booking.

Simple battery near Hokona Hall

On the evening of Sept. 4, an officer was sent to Hokona Hall in reference to a battery, according to a report.

When the officer arrived, the victim said he started to walk southbound on campus near Hokona Hall after riding a Blue Line Bus. He said he saw a male and female walking toward him. The male was described as 6 feet 2 inches tall, “big and scruffy” and in a black T-shirt and shorts, according to the report. The victim thought the male seemed angry, but the victim did not believe the two were arguing, because the female was walking behind the male.

The victim said that when the male saw him, the male walked toward the victim and punched him several times — the female told the male to stop and pulled him off the victim. The male and female walked toward the hospital.

The victim did not know why he was attacked. He had never seen the male or female before. The victim was scraped on his elbow and was beginning to bruise on his right ribs. Officers looked around the vicinity for the male or female but did not find them.

The case is closed and pending further leads.

Battery near La Posada

On Sept. 4, UNMPD was told that a student was walking with friends near La Posada when he was pushed from behind by an unknown male, according to a police report. After being pushed to the ground, the victim was also pushed against a wall. The suspect walked toward Hokona Hall.

The victim said he was alright and refused rescue, but he wanted the incident documented.

Emergency mental health evaluation

On Sept. 5, an officer was dispatched to the SUB because a female student at student services appeared confused and disoriented, according to a UNMPD report. When the officer arrived, the student did not give her name or say what she needed, but she seemed to want to leave the office.

The officer told her he was there to help her. She started to walk away from the area, but the officer convinced her to allow him to escort her to Psychiatric Emergency Services to speak with a healthcare professional. On the way over to PES, the officer asked her if she had thoughts of self-harm, and she said she did not.

Dispatch contacted the officer and said information from Student Health indicated that the student needed to be taken to PES. The student said if a friend waited in the lobby, she would go to PES voluntarily. When the officer and student arrived at PES, she tried to leave before entering. Two officers caught her, placed her in handcuffs and escorted her inside the building.

—Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez