Possession of Stolen Property

On the evening of Aug. 23, an officer was sent to Popejoy Hall after stuffed teddy bears were stolen, according to a police report. The officer spoke with the male who reported the incident. He said someone took the bears from a cabinet inside Popejoy Hall. There were no witnesses.

Another officer detained a male who was holding three stuffed bears at the bookstore and said he found them on the ground. The male is not a student and has been involved in many campus calls.

Requesting that the male in possession of the bears be banned from campus, the police report will be sent to the UNM Dean of Students.

Battery at A-Lot

On Aug. 23, officers went to A-Lot due to a battery, according to a report. The victim went to her dorm, and officers looked for the suspect in the area.

The victim said she saw a male walking toward her as she was walking eastbound on the sidewalk near A-Lot. He grabbed her breast and ran away from the area, she said.

The male was thin and potentially in his 40s with short gray hair and possibly blue eyes. At about 6 feet 2 inches tall, he was wearing jeans and a blue and gray striped shirt. Officers could not find him after searching the scene. The male was last seen running in the direction of Frontier Restaurant.

The victim said although she was shaken up by the incident, she was physically okay. Officers ensured she was informed of available resources. She was told to call the reporting officer if she had any questions or concerns. The University’s emergency messaging system, LoboAlert, was used for this incident.

Domestic Dispute at Lobo Village

On the afternoon of Aug. 24, two officers were sent to Lobo Village — a caller wanted to pick up his belongings from his girlfriend living at the complex, according to a UNMPD report.

After arriving, police noticed the fire alarm in one of the buildings was activated. Two officers tried to contact the caller but did not find him. A resident advisor arrived at the area shortly after police and deactivated the alarm when finding the building appeared safe.

The caller’s girlfriend is living in an apartment beside the device that activated the fire alarm minutes after the caller contacted police. The resident advisor told police that the caller’s girlfriend is a Lobo Village employee and was at a friend’s apartment at the time.

Police later spoke with the caller’s girlfriend. She said she came to her friend’s apartment, due to the fire alarm. She and the caller had an argument earlier that day, and he wanted his belongings from her apartment, she said. She said she told him he would be unable to pick them up in the morning, but he would be able to later in the day. The caller’s girlfriend said he did not attempt or threaten to hurt her, and although he was aggressive because he was intoxicated, she did not believe he would cause her harm.

Officers discovered that the caller was at his girlfriend’s apartment moments before the alarm was activated. She said she did not know where the caller was, but thought it was possible that he entered her apartment while the alarm was sounding. When police escorted her into her apartment, she said the male subject in the apartment was the caller.

The male told police he had an argument with his girlfriend, was in the apartment to gather his belongings and did not set off the fire alarm. The caller was told to leave the apartment and return later with a police escort when his girlfriend wanted him to return, due to his intoxication and behavior.

He was told not to interact with his girlfriend that morning. Before being escorted off the property, he said he understood and agreed with the conditions. The caller said a friend would drive him back to his home.

An officer told the caller’s girlfriend about different programs at the University that might help her. She also received information about a temporary restraining order if she needed one. She was told this police report would be completed and sent to the Office of Equal Opportunity for her safety.

Battery on a Police Officer, Protective Custody (Adult)

On the morning of Aug. 26, officers were dispatched to the UNM Psychiatric Center, because a woman was having a mental health episode and taking off her clothes, according to a police report.

Her husband said she wanted to harm herself and was not taking her medication. The woman told one of the police officers that she wanted to kill herself in front of her husband. Another officer told her she would be escorted into the mental health facility. She refused and was taken into custody, due to the concern she would kill herself. The female kicked one of the officers in the shin twice as she was escorted into the building.

After officers entered the building with the female, a nurse said she wanted the patient brought into the building through a different entrance, instead of through the front door. As officers escorted her to the other entrance, she kicked the same officer again, causing the officer’s knee to buckle. Hospital staff placed the patient in restraints.

A copy of the incident was marked as UNMPD evidence, and another officer documented the injuries. No charges are pressed at this time.

— Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez