The University of New Mexico Centennial Library will be temporarily closed from Oct. 11 to Oct. 13 because UNM Facilities Management will be replacing sewer lines in the surrounding area.

The maintenance work was planned because of a severe water leak last month. According to Karl Benedict, an associate professor and director of Research Data services at UNM libraries, there was a water leak during the week of Sept. 22. The leak impacted staff and faculty offices.

The operations of the library will come to a halt during the work. “All services conducted in the building will be affected as library staff will not be allowed in the building while work is being done,” Benedict said

Since the maintenance work coincides with fall break, no specific events are being rescheduled or relocated because of the closure. Benedict said students who normally take math classes in Centennial Library will use room 254 in Zimmerman Library.

The services ordinarily offered by the Centennial Library, such as printing, scanning and computers, will still be offered at other main campus libraries, Benedict said. Additionally information will be available via Ask a Librarian.

Since the Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) is only located in Centennial Library, it cannot be made accessible in other libraries on the campus.

Benedict said if the maintenance work lasts longer than planned, the closure may be extended by one day.

The library staff can either take leave during the days of library closure or work at different locations.

“Although it is fall break, all the other main campus libraries remain open ­— although on reduced hours — to provide research and reference services to anyone in the UNM community who needs library assistance,” he said.

Benedict said the University Libraries have experienced closures for major fire and floods in the past, and the library’s management makes every effort to get the news out as soon as possible to help people manage their trips to the library accordingly.

Sajjad Khan, a graduate student in Nano Science and Microsystems Engineering said, “I am still exploring which library has a quieter environment for study, but for purposes of books and other resources, I think my option is only Centennial Library.” According to Kahn he will not be impacted by the maintenance because it will be closed for a short amount of time.

Abdul Raheem, a graduate student in Department of Mathematics and Statistics, said, “I mostly go to the main library, and don’t care about other libraries as long as Zimmerman remains open.”

Raheem said he can study at home or make study arrangements elsewhere even if the main library were to close for a couple of days.

Ahmad Yar Ranjha is a freelance news reporter at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at