Battery on a healthcare worker at UNM Psychiatric Center

On the afternoon of Sept. 30, University of New Mexico Hospital security called UNM Police Department dispatch, stating that a patient battered a staff member at the UNM Psychiatric Center, according to a report.

UNMH security gathered statements from the battered staff member and a witness. The forms were given to the UNMPD officer who was on scene. The statements indicated that a patient grabbed the staff member’s buttocks as she exited the nurses’ station on the east wing of the center. She pushed his hand away and yelled for him to stop. She said she would like to press charges.

The UNMPD report on the incident will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution.

Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct

On Sept. 30, an officer was sent to 301 Cornell NE, because a suspicious male was interfering with students in the area, according to a police report. Upon arrival, the officer saw the male urinating on the front of the lobby door. When the officer approached him, the male said he needed to use the restroom.

The officer discovered the male was told on an earlier date to stay off of UNM property. Without incident, the male was arrested, transported to the Bernalillo County Prisoner Transport Center and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center. His personal items — including a 6-inch blade, a scooter, a backpack and medication — were entered into property for safekeeping.

Shoplifting, unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon, concealing identity at UNM Bookstore

On the afternoon of Oct. 8, a male concealed several items — including wrist bands, a ski cap and headphones — and attempted to walk out of the UNM Bookstore, according to a UNMPD report. Personnel confronted him, and then he attempted to leave the store without purchasing the items. The store director, who saw the incident, asked the male if he was going to pay for the items.

A UNMPD officer was dispatched to the bookstore. Upon arrival, the officer asked the male if he had any weapons, and the male said he did not. The officer pat him down for safety and found two large knives. The officer found the items the male was attempting to leave the store with, which were valued at over $40.

The officer looked for the male’s information through the Motor Vehicle Division and the National Crime Information Center but came back with negative results.

“The case will be cleared by arrest,” the report states.

Criminal damage at Redondo Village parking lot

On Oct. 9, a UNMPD officer was sent to the Redondo Village parking lot to the east of Building C, due to criminal damage to a vehicle, according to a report. When the officer arrived, a student said he parked his car in the area around 10:45 p.m. the night before and did not return to his car until 7 a.m.

That morning, he noticed that someone broke a window on the driver’s side, but he did not believe anything was stolen. He told the officer he never leaves anything valuable in his car.

“The window was tinted and the cost of repairing the vehicle is unknown at this time,” the report states. The case is closed and pending further leads.

Domestic violence against household member; resisting, evading or obstructing an officer on Yale Blvd.

On Oct. 9, an officer was sent to Yale Boulevard, because a male and a female were involved in a physical altercation, according to a police report. The male and female had been dating for over two years. The male grabbed the female, and she pulled way. She began walking north on Yale Boulevard, heading toward Lomas Boulevard. Witnesses said the male followed the female, who was “trying to get away,” the report states.

The male tried to grab the female while screaming at her. A witness tried to interfere, but the male punched him on the left eyebrow, creating a small cut.

Upon arrival, the officer saw the male attempting to run from the area. The officer yelled at the male to stop, identifying themself as a police officer. However, to avoid arrest, the male ran behind a home on Sigma Chi Road and jumped over a fence.

The male was arrested. He was transported to and booked at the Bernalillo County Prisoner Transport Center.

“The arrest was in whole or part premised upon probable cause to believe the alleged perpetrator committed domestic abuse against the victim,” the report states.

Domestic dispute at Student Family Housing

On the evening of Oct. 10, two officers were sent to Student Family Housing because of a domestic disturbance, according to a UNMPD report. When the officers arrived, the caller told them she was 16 years old and was involved in a verbal fight with her mother and father, who both tried to hit her. She said the fight began, because she did not want to practice Muslim beliefs and rules, which upset her parents. She did not complain of injuries and appeared unharmed.

Her mother told officers “she was upset her daughter had a boyfriend, wasn’t following house rules and wasn’t focusing on school more. (She) stated she tried striking her daughter ‘lightly’ with a flip flop sandal but missed,” the report states.

The Children, Youth & Families Department already has a file on the family and child. The child left for the night to stay with a family friend who recently housed the child for several weeks through CYFD.

Notes were later added to the child’s file.

— Briefs compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez