Multiple departments at the University of New Mexico offer courses that include or are centered around gender studies, relationship issues, LGBTQ rights and sexuality studies. If students are interested in taking a course discussing these themes, here are some courses separated by department.

American Studies

  • 183 Introduction to Gender Studies

This course discusses the construction of gender and its effect on identity and analyzes the different representations of masculinity and femininity present in U.S. society. The course is offered both in form lecture and online.

  • 330 Politics of Sex

This course examines how sex, gender and sexuality have been constructed throughout the history of the U.S. through culture and politics. The main purpose of the class is to study how sexuality is racialized, classed and gendered. The course also emphasizes the different ways certain identities are practiced and normalized, while others are marked as unnatural, and understanding how U.S. society categorizes individuals through this relationship.

Communication and Journalism

  • 318 Language Thought and Behavior

This course examines the influence of language on perception, evaluations, mass media, creativity and interpersonal relations. This course touches on LGBTQ subjects as well.

  • 326 Gender Communication

This course studies the relationship between gender and communication with specific attention on how gender can affect language through verbal and nonverbal communication, and how women’s movements have attempted to transform gendered communication practices.

Media Arts

  • 336/*436 Images of (Wo)men

This course analyzes films with feminism, queer theory, critical race studies and transgender film theory. Films considered range from “women’s pictures” to films about the permutations of gender.


  • 231 Psychology of Human Sexuality

This course explores the physiological, cultural, social and individual factors that influence the sexual behavior, sex roles and sexual identity of people.

  • 375 Psychology of Women

This course is a survey of the research and theory on gender role stereotypes and gender differences in things like personal relationships, family, the work force and mass media.

  • 376 Psychology of Love

This course is an in-depth examination of the human experience of love. It explores the full range of theories on love, including taxonomical, biological, developmental, cultural and evolutionary.


  • 308 Sociology of Gender

This course discusses how and why society creates gender categories, as well as how definitions of masculinity and femininity vary in a society, and the costs and benefits of being male or female in contemporary U.S. society.

Women Studies

  • 200 Intro to Women’s Studies

This interdisciplinary course discusses the influences of gender, race, class, sexuality and other factors of identity in regional, national and international contexts. It also covers the history of feminist activism and women’s studies in the U.S.

  • 335 Lesbian Culture and Politics

This course offers a descriptive and theoretical focus on lesbian women in society and within the women’s movement. This course explores the production of lesbian identities and some techniques deployed to celebrate and compete these productions.

  • 336 Queer Theories

This course discusses some early foundations of queer theory and uses the foundation as a springboard to explore queer of color, queer migration, queer diaspora, postcolonial queer and queer native studies scholarship.

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