If you were walking through campus on Oct. 4, you were sure to see the massive PINK bus in the heart of Smith Plaza. The Victoria’s Secret PINK Tour is an annual event at select universities across the nation, and the University of New Mexico happens to be one of the chosen college campuses.

“I’m already a big fan of PINK, so when I saw that they came I was really excited,” said Mahira Thabata, a sophomore at UNM. “I like to see if they have new merchandise and love that they brought some (of) their winter collection to UNM.”

The bus was a bright hue of pink, grabbing the attention of UNM students walking around the plaza. A flat screen TV inside the bus showcased highlights from the PINK 2018 collection, while the brand showed their school spirit and appreciation of UNM and its students.

Opening up the side of the bus to the campus, UNM gear, along with intimates, comfy clothes and other college essentials were all inside with students eager to get what they could before the PINK bus would make its exit.

“I think it’s awesome that they offer Lobo gear, and having both PINK and Lobo gear come together is an awesome pairing,” said Ryleigh Long, sophomore at UNM. “I think it’s really cool because it’s sponsoring PINK and what the brand is really well.”

Along with the clothing, the bus offered school planners and water bottles to better relate to the college student audience.

“I like that they had the school planners and other college essentials, because it really shows that they care about the college experience and really want the college experience at all their PINK campuses to be fun,” Thabata said.

By shopping inside the PINK bus, students got a chance for 30 percent off UNM gear, a free PINK tote with purchase, discounted intimates and a free goodie exclusively for PINK Nation app members.

Each college campus chosen by PINK has a team of students on each campus, along with two main representatives for the team at each university — Macey and Amanda are UNM’s PINK campus reps. The bus has come and gone for the year, but stay tuned for the next tour to make its stop at UNM to see the all-new collection for 2019.

Macey Rose is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @maceyrae9.