The Associated Students of the University of New Mexico convened for their final meeting of the Fall 2018 semester on Wednesday.

The meeting was business as usual for UNM student senators and leaders, which resulted in six appropriations that were passed.

Of the roughly $9,120 requested in appropriations, ASUNM voted to grant at least 56 percent of all requested funds.

The Student Court requested $56 in appropriations and was voted in favor to receive their original request. Appropriations for the Student Court will go toward computer software and office supplies.

International Business students received almost 74 percent of their $3,472 request. The

$2,567 granted in appropriations will go toward funding travel to Zambia and conducting outreach work.

Freedom Now Uhuru Sasa received roughly 19 percent of their $2,608 request. The $503 received in appropriations will go toward sending three students to the National Council for Black Studies in New Orleans.

The Mountaineering Club received almost 60 percent of their request of $2,394. The $1,436 received will go toward travel and other logistical costs for a three-day trip to Ouray, Co. Two representatives from the Mountaineering Club attended the meeting.

Karen Luo, a senior studying health, medicine and human values, said she was happy with the appropriations ASUNM granted for the club.

“We did get a little bit of a cut, but other than that, we got most of what we wanted,” Luo said.

The Honors Student Association received their full request of $150 for food and refreshments for an event that they will hold on Nov. 30, 2018.

Peers for Advocacy and Safety received their requested amount of $441. Appropriations received will go toward supplies for an event they will be hosting in December.

Alongside passing their appropriations was unanimous approval of three ASUNM resolutions. Senators voted to support students with the resources they need to a complete an equitable college career. In the same vein, senators voted to support ASUNM President Becka Myers’ advocacy for a more diverse Board of Regents.

ASUNM senators also voted to pass a resolution urging UNM President Garnett Stokes and members of the UNM Board of Regents to “make a statement in opposition to the proposed regulation” in regards to the new Title IX changes from the U.S. Department of Education released on Nov. 16.

The Daily Lobo reported that after the 2018 Midterm Election, Myers submitted a letter to Governor-elect Michelle Lujan Grisham. The letter urged her to choose regents that reflects UNM through ”diversity, which includes ethnicity, heritage, culture, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ideas, and professional backgrounds.”

Some ASUNM senators concluded this semester’s meeting with an exchange of gifts and a reflection on their tenure at UNM.

Myers said she thought the highs of the 2018 fall semester for ASUNM resulted in passing meaningful and important legislation.

“Being an advocate for students, I think, and trying different ways to outreach has been really awesome,” Myers said.

When asked what she thought the lows of the semester were, Myers said, while not the fault of ASUNM, it is low student enrollment. However, she said she is hopeful about the future of the University.

“It’s been a great year so far, honestly,” Myers said. “Amidst even all of the hard things that we go through at UNM… I think that amidst all of that UNM is great and it holds true to what it is and it holds true to what ASUNM is.”

Anthony Jackson is a staff writer and staff photographer for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @TonyAnjackson.