Four weeks into the spring semester, over $25,000 was appropriated to 11 student organizations at Wednesday's Associated Students of the University of New Mexico Full Senate meeting. 

With about $40,000 spent this semester, there is just under $64,000 left in the ASUNM budget for fiscal year 2018. According to ASUNM budget documents, Senators appropriated over $68,000 in the fall semester.

Finance Chair Holly Gallegos said she was concerned that funding could run out before the semester ends. She added that most of the big appropriation requests had already gone through, however.  

Club sports Lobo Hockey and Men’s rugby were the biggest recipients, receiving $5,133 and $9,639 respectively. Both clubs said the money was earmarked for away games, conference fees and facility rentals. 

The decision to fund rugby was not unanimous. Gabriel Ruja and Xavier Torres voted against the appropriation. After the meeting, Ruja and Torres both said they were glad the appropriation passed, but were concerned at the high cost of van rentals. 

Circle K International, a community service organization, received $2,545 for conference fees, lodging costs, travel costs to an event in Phoenix and office supplies.

Something Major A Cappella received $2,392 for a lodging, conference fees, gas and travel fees. The group sung a brief rendition of Bella Momma to Senators during public comment.  

Two non-traditional greek clubs received a combined $2,397. Kappa Kappa Psi received $2,533 and Delta Sigma Pi received $869.

Three student groups received appropriations of $503. American Institute of Chemical Engineers was looking to build a small lego boxcar for competition. Student Organization of Latin American Students received the money to purchase the rights to screen a movie at their annual event. 

Health Occupation Student Association appropriation for conference fees was also funded at $503 after being reduced at last week’s finance committee meeting. 

The Association for Sustainability Corporate Responsibility was awarded $428 for a conference. 

After finance business was concluded, the senate passed a bill that would grant the Attorney General the power to edit the ASUNM Law Book’s grammer without Full Senate having to approve it. Instead, the changes would have to be approved by the President and Vice President. 

Senators had a 30-minute conversation about whether the bill was too vaguely worded and whether it granted the Attorney General too much power. They also discussed the necessity of the UNM Legal counsel approval of the changes. 

The bill was written by Senator Mohammad Assed and current Attorney General, Emily Hartshorn, who said she was an adept comma user and supported the use of the oxford comma. It is very likely that, within the governing documents of undergraduate student government, list of three or more will be divided with as many commas as list items. 

The AP stylebook, which the Daily Lobo adheres to, strictly forbids the use of the comma, calling it redundant. 

Senators also appointed five students to positions in the student service agencies. Willa Correia-Kuehn was made Events Director of Community Experience. Beatrice Nisoli was made Volunteer Coordinator of Community Experience. Jack T. Saloio was made Events Coordinator of Lobo Spirit. Aimee Bonneau was made Volunteer Coordinator of Lobo Spirit. Lauren Martinez was made Projects Coordinator of Emerging Lobo Leaders.

Justin Garcia is a staff reporter for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers student government. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @just516garc.