There's no doubt that female rappers are coming up front and center, and this week showcases 2019 releases from some of raps loudest voices. In the spirit of showcasing as many women as possible, most of the songs on this list are collaborations. This goes without being said, but in the true spirit of girl-centered collaboration, these songs are perfect for blasting with your girl friends before a night out. 

“Tia Tamera” by Doja Cat and Rico Nasty

Doja Cat’s explosive and fun project from last year, Amala got a deluxe re-release last month. The deluxe version features the viral, lo-fi bop “Mooo!” and an upbeat track “Juicy” that’s typical of Doja’s feel-good, dance-able girl rap. The standout, however, is “Tia Tamera,” featuring everyone’s rightful favorite, Rico Nasty. The pair team up to create a hilarious and absurd track that’s both catchy, and filled to brim with pop culture references, making it perfect for repeat plays. As a bonus, the music video is full of technicolor nostalgic fun, and the two discuss the importance of working with other women in a Genius feature about the song

“Chanel Slides” by Dreezy featuring Kash Doll

Chicago rapper Dreezy released her long awaited sophomore album Big Dreez last January. “Chanel Slides,” released ahead of the album last year, is an explosive song that boasts the duo’s confidence. The spacey and fun, but aggressive beat, was produced by Pi’erre Bourne, an established New York producer and Playboi Carti collaborator. Dreezy’s smooth flow is versatile, and against P’ierre’s production, it becomes both powerful and confident. Kash Doll brings an undeniable, girl-centered chemistry to the song that also exudes confidence through an infectious flow.

“Selfish” by Little Simz featuring Cleo Sol

Promising U.K. rapper, Little Simz, released her full-length project, GREY Area, last month under AGE 101 MUSIC. The project is full of tracks that boast Little Simz’ skillful and versatile flow. While at times intense, “Selfish” brings Little Simz’ softer flows into light. With the help of Cleo Sol’s undeniable smoothness, Little Simz showcases some of her more soft and funky flows. 

“Wild Girl” by Yung Baby Tate featuring Bbymutha

Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate, released GIRLS, an imaginative follow up to last year’s mixtape BOYS. GIRLS transports its listener into an exploration of fun girl-centered identities, and Yung Baby Tate’s world has no shortage of catchy, explorative bops. “That Girl,” “Flower Girl” and “Hot Girl” explore parts of Yung Baby Tate’s multifaceted girl world. A feature of her world is collaboration, and “Wild Girl,” featuring the established Southern rapper Bbymutha, is a standout track on the album that boasts both rapper’s fun flows and Yung Baby Tate’s pop sensibilities. The self-produced track boasts confidence and unashamed fun. 

"Sex Talk" by Megan Thee Stallion

The only track on this list that doesn't include a collaboration, but this list would not be complete without Megan Thee Stallion. Viral videos of the talented rapper are all over Twitter. The 22 year-old's effortless flows are clearly showcased on her most recent single, "Sex Talk," with a bass-heavy trap beat. Still touring off last year's Tina Snow, "Sex Talk" is hopefully a sign that we will get more music from Megan in 2019. 

 Sophia Sambrano is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @sambsoph