The University of New Mexico's Arts Entrepreneurship Club was originally started by faculty sponsor Regina Chavez Puccetti of the UNM College of Fine Arts and Anderson School of Management, in collaboration with former President, Miguel Lastra, a Fall 2018 UNM Graduate, to aide students looking to meet art-focused entrepreneurs and broaden their network. 

"Students in all disciplines of the arts often don't take the time to develop solid entrepreneurial skills. In college, the focus tends to be only on developing their artistic talent,” Chavez Puccetti said. “The UNM Arts Entrepreneurship Club works to help all creative students build their network and find entrepreneurial opportunities... we want to help our graduates increase their chances of success as creative entrepreneurs." 

Today, the UNM Arts Entrepreneurship Club’s officers are Co-Presidents Timber Mabes, a junior studying geography, and Jerome Sena, a sophomore studying interdisciplinary arts. According to Mabes, the original goal of the club was to bring students who were interested in growing their unique brands and connecting with other creatives together. 

“We know that showcasing your own art and starting an arts business can be difficult, so the club helps to provide resources that makes doing so easier," Mabes said. "Together, students can learn from each other and get a jump start on creating their career in the arts."

 For students of any art discipline interested in exhibiting and showcasing their work, in addition to making meaningful connections with the local arts scene, the UNM Arts Entrepreneurship Club offers members network opportunities. Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

“We often host events, such as the Arts Career Fair that was held in the College of Fine Arts Lobby last semester, where students had the opportunity to connect with local arts organizations,” Mabes said.

Students can follow the UNM Arts Entrepreneurship Club on Instagram (@unmartsbusiness) or contact them via email ( Their next community project will be on Friday, April 19 at Arts Unexpected, UNM’s College of Fine Art’s annual festival. The club is having a meeting on Wednesday, April 3 at 4 p.m. The meeting will be hosted in Conference Room 1009 of the Center for the Arts.

Luisa Pennington is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can contacted at or on Twitter @_lpennington_.