Johnson Center is a place on campus where students go to relax. However, it is the people who work at Johnson Center that make a difference.

One student-employee at Johnson is University of New Mexico student Jaquan Franklin. Franklin worked his way up for six months to assistant supervisor at Johnson Center. Franklin said in order to work at Johnson, a person must have “hard work and dedication, a good attitude and the ability to focus on customers.”

Another way to relax is joining an intramural sport such as soccer or volleyball. In order to participate in intramural sports, a person must be a student or else they cannot play.

Spring 2019 semester hosted  the Volleyball Duos as an intramural event consisting of  men and women’s leagues.

While Johnson Gym is open year-round, the fleeting intramural leave students feeling eager to participate with friends for fun and — hopefully —  be competitive enough to win.