A previous version of this article misspelled "Taos" in the headline. 

Following the immense success of the festival last year, Meow Wolf will be presenting Taos Vortex— a three-day festival of music and art— starting on August 16 at the historic Kit Carson Park. The nature of Taos Vortex will be staying true to Meow Wolf’s renowned non-linear and fantastical theme.

The musical numbers during the three-day weekend will be performed on two stages: The Spire (a citadel) and The Glade (a more relaxed, meadow setting.) In addition, there will be off-stage performers scattered throughout the weekend as well as awe-inspiring art installations.

Taos Vortex’s musical lineup includes performances from famed artists such as Zhu, Lykke Li, Goldlink, George Clinton, Iron&Wine, Justin Martin, Claude Vonstroke, Cocorosie, Flying Lotus 3D, Nick Murphy, Barclay Crenshaw, G Jones and Calexico. The lineup was selected by Meow Wolf with the intent of extending the Public Benefit Corporation’s “altered reality” motif and enhancing Taos Vortex’s distinctive energy. 

While single-day passes for this event can be purchased on Meow Wolf’s website, some participants prefer to stay for the festival’s entire three-day experience. Taos Vortex offers several overnight camping and glamping options for those individuals who wish to become further acquainted with New Mexico’s desert aesthetic and sleep under the stars. 

Of course, an event like Taos Vortex requires extensive creative power in order to be successfully executed. 

“It has everything to do with my fellow collaborators. I generally try not to be too rigid in my ideas, I like to allow things to shift and change in ways that often end up surprising me," Amelia Stickney, Special Projects Producer of Meow Wolf, said of her creative process. 

This year in particular, the creators of Taos Vortex wish to emphasize a sense of comfort within the festival. Sofie Cruse, the Arts Director for Meow Wolf’s Events Department explained, “This year we’re bringing a neighborhood vibe to Taos and to the event itself... it’s going to make sure people feel like they’re walking into a very familiar place, so they can ‘relax and be themselves.”

In addition to being advertised as a dance-filled party scene, both the artists of Taos Vortex as well as Meow Wolf consider the event an opportunity to delve deeply into the beautiful sights Taos has to offer. Among other examples of such marvels are the Taos Gorge, which offers a stunning aerial view 600 feet above the Rio Grande, and the timeless Taos Pueblo, one of the oldest inhabited Native American communities in the United States. 

The creators behind Taos Vortex believe in intertwining fun-filled, conventional festivities with an appreciation for nature and historical influences; indeed, this factor is what truly makes the festival unique.

“In Taos you feel a little like you're on the edge of the world. It's a wild, free, feeling,” Stickney said.

Taos Vortex strives to emulate that very sensation. For those interested in purchasing tickets to Taos Vortex, refer to https://taosvortex.com/.

Beatrice Nisoli is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @BeatriceNisoli.