The weekly crime briefs are to give the students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico a quick look into the crimes reported on campus. They do not provide all perspectives of the incident. All of the information is retrieved through UNM police department incident reports. 

Hot Dog

University of New Mexico Police retrieved a small dog from a parked vehicle at the UNM Hospital parking structure last Monday afternoon after receiving reports it was in the vehicle for an extended period of time. 

A passerby reported seeing the dog in the vehicle when she arrived at the hospital at about 2 p.m. that day. The dog was still in the car when she was leaving the hospital about an hour later. 

The vehicle was not running, the air conditioner was not on and the windows were cracked about 1 inch. The dog was seen panting, but not moving about the backseat. There was also a small dish filled with water in the backseat. The outside temperature was reported to be 98 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The UNMPD officer at the scene determined the dog was overheating and without adequate ventilation. The officer then forced entry into the vehicle by breaking a window. 

After retrieving the dog, the report noted that the animal was placed in the front seat of the officer’s patrol vehicle with the air conditioner on. 

The dog’s owner was upset by the forced entry into his vehicle, claiming that his vehicle has “an automatic feature that would start the vehicle when it reached 90 degrees,” the police report said. The owner also said the officer overreacted to the situation.  

Albuquerque animal control was also dispatched to the scene. The report stated that the animal control officer would initiate a criminal summons and forward to the Metropolitan Court for possible prosecution. 

The dog was returned to the owner before UNMPD left the scene. 

Roommate Squabble 

Two UNM students living together in the Casas del Rio dorms have had an ongoing dispute over cleanliness in the dorm resulting in one roommate shoving the other. 

Roommate one was upset with roommate two because he reportedly left his feces in the shared toilet on several occasions. Before this particular incident, roommate two left his feces in the toilet and turned on the heater as a form of retaliation against roommate one according to roommate one. 

Roommate one confronted roommate two resulting in an argument between the two. The argument climaxed when roommate one pushed roommate two out of the bathroom. 

The UNMPD officer dispatched to the scene noted that roommate two’s side of the living quarters was “very dirty and smelled foul.” 

Roommate two was moved into a temporary room and no charges were pressed against roommate one. 

Battery in Children's Psychiatric Center 

A juvenile patient at UNM Children’s Psychiatric Center (CPH) was reported to have hit and bit medical techs while they were attempting to restrain him due to his behavior. 

After a phone call with his mother, the patient became “highly agitated” as stated in the police report. Due to his aggressive nature with the staff following the phone call, the decision was made to restrain the patient. 

The patient resisted being restrained. He then proceeded to bite and claw one tech’s hand, leaving visible marks. He headbutted the other two techs in their heads, also punching one in the side. 

The patient was then medicated and properly restrained before UNMPD arrival. 

All three victims said they wish to prosecute. 

Makayla Grijalva is the managing editor at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @MakaylaEliboria