Editor's note: A previous version of this article said that the Student Activities Center hosted the event. However, the event was hosted by the Student Union Building. The article has been corrected. 

Crowds of excited students sweltering from Albuquerque’s relentless heat swarmed to the Uni Night’s Water Battle, motivated by the promise of free food and the cooling water of a balloon fight. 

Uni Nights is a student-led program, run through the Student Union Building, that put on events throughout the year. The water battle was hosted last Aug. 24. Past Uni Night events have included a variety of activities — from last semester’s plant night to late-night breakfasts, to even a masquerade ball. 

“We put on events to get people out of the dorms and come hang out on campus to make friends and get free food. It’s a way to get people involved on campus,” said Adalida Baca, a senior majoring in philosophy and English. Baca is one of the many integral people who coordinate Uni Nights. 

Olivia Leyva, a senior double majoring in biology and population health, said she looks forward to Uni Nights as a break from the otherwise monotonous classroom routine. 

“I’m already feeling stressed (from) my classes. This is a way for me to have some downtime and do some fun stuff,” Leyva said. 

Melissa Madrigal, a junior majoring in environmental planning and design, said Uni Nights are a significant tradition among her friend group. Madrigal lives in the Student Resident Center Apartments, which she said can occasionally present a challenge for meeting new people. 

“In apartment-style housing, people tend to have a harder time integrating than traditional halls. The fact that my apartment has gone to Uni Nights frequently helped us bond a lot,” she said.

Lauren Jaramillo, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, said she was especially drawn to Water Battle for the “good raffles.” She said participates in Uni Nights frequently, and describes them as “a good way to meet new people and experience college.” 

Overall, students from a variety of backgrounds and majors come out to Uni Nights to have fun and experience a change of pace. 

In addition to the water balloon fight, Water Battle offered games such as large-scale Jenga and Connect 4, a plethora of sweet and savory snacks (featuring popular items including Takis, Pringles, and popcorn) and, of course, exciting raffle opportunities.

Future Uni Night events will occur once a month. The next event is Spa Night, which will take place on Sept. 27. 

Beatrice Nisoli is a freelance news reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @BeatriceNisoli.