Honeycomb glistened with golden morning hues as local beekeeper Bobbybee “Bee” Blanquez showed off one of his three honeybee hives to the University of New Mexico Beekeeping club. 

Blanquez and his wife, Camille Cunningham, have been keeping bees since 2012. 

“My name is Bee. That’s one reason (I began to keep bees),” Blanquez said. “We heard about bees dying, and once the bees go on Earth, you know that’s it. Our food supplies go out. We have bees because we want to support them.” 

The couple doesn’t keep bees for the honey harvest, but rather primarily for their pollination abilities. They haven’t harvested honey from a hive since the spring of 2018 when one of their colonies abandoned the hive leaving honey behind. 

“It's not for the honey, it’s for them. We do it for the bees,” Blanquez said. 

Makayla Grijalva is the managing editor for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at managingeditor@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @MakaylaEliboria