From chunky sneakers to neon colors, to fanny packs 2019 has brought back a high juxtaposition of older trends from the 1990s to the early 2000s.

Selectively choosing and deciding what you wear every day is a very important decision. We sought out outfits that showcased a high sense of individuality, self-expression, and an awareness of current trends. We believe these UNM students deserve to have their creativity in fashion showcased.

Big brands like Nike, Adidas, Fila, Champion and Supreme are the forefront within the newly forming activewear trend. Individuals wearing activewear is rising at the University of New Mexico campus and throughout social media.

Large silhouettes are also slowly making their way into mainstream fashion trends. Through the mixing of patterns, materials and layering together oversized jackets, pants, belts and shirts this is another trend that is forming this fall. All of these trends have been re-imagined to match the aesthetics of late millennials and gen z-ers. 

Some students, like Ema Matthews, said they try not to follow current trends. Matthews said she prefers to wear different clothes every day, depending on how she feels.

“I try not to box myself in because I feel like women especially are told they have to fit into one box like you have to be gothic or you have to be a hippie or you have to be preppy,” she said. “I don’t want people to pinpoint my personality by what I wear.”

Joey Wagner said he usually plans his outfits in advance, ranging from a pair of denim jacket and a nice pair of jeans to a nicer jacket and pants. Almost every article of clothing Wagner owns he edits or reconstructs in some way. 

“A good 90% of my wardrobe I’ve either sewn, altered, painted, crafted or done something to it,” he said.

Sophomore Emma Brueckner decided to cut her shirt before coming to school one day because she prefers the look of cropped shirts with high waisted jeans. Brueckner said she liked to bring back old trends like high-top converse and baggy pants. 

Junior Nichole Thieme wanted to do something different with her style when she started going to college. Thieme said she didn’t want to be recognized as the person that she was in high school so she said she changed her entire style.

“I just started wearing things that I thought I would be uncomfortable (wearing), and I got comfortable with them,” Thieme said.

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