If you're in search of a couple of chills and thrills now that spooky season is upon us, you've come to the right place. Here at the Daily Lobo, we’ve got you covered with scares for all types of guys and ghouls and anyone in between.

Here are the three best-haunted houses in the Albuquerque area:

1. Quarantine

Quarantine is an art installation and live performance haunted house. Within this live performance, you follow actors through various paths of a Victorian home. This year's performance has a Gothic horror theme and is an hour-long experience. This haunted house is for those who are interested in a story-driven experience. There are mysteries to discover, characters to meet and unexpected twists and turns. Quarantine is located at 5312 Coal Ave. SE with a general admission price of $25. The haunted house is open until Nov. 2. Show times vary each day. To find your preferred showtime, visit their website at quarantineabq.com.

2. Dragon's House of Horror

Dragon's House of Horror holds the Guinness world record for the longest-ever haunted house. This haunted house has no theme and contains all types of scares. There are clowns, grim reapers, zombies and many other types of characters. Rooms include haunted asylums, children’s bedrooms and creepy carnivals. This haunted house is located at 300 San Pedro NE at Expo New Mexico and is open until the end of the month with tickets priced at $20. There is also an option for a $40 fast pass.

3. New Mexico Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction

The New Mexico Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction is another story-based attraction, much like Quarantine. In this attraction you follow a small child named Nina. Follow her throughout the secret passages that the children made in order to survive the terrifying house of slaughter. You will walk between walls, climb steps and enter and exit through vents, closets and cabinets. You will also encounter several hidden booby traps that one of the evil characters installed to eliminate your chance of escape. This haunted attraction is open until Nov. 3. Opening and closing times vary. Tickets range from $20 to $40 depending on the type of scare you would like to experience. This haunted attraction is located at 10000 Coors Blvd. at the Cottonwood Mall.

Caitlin Scott is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Caitlin69123118