Editor's Note: The weekly crime briefs are to give the students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico a quick look into the crimes reported on campus. They do not provide all perspectives of the incident. All of the information is retrieved through UNM police department incident reports.

Possible domestic violence and road rage incident

UNMPD was dispatched to a woman’s residence on Nov. 11 after a call that stated her boyfriend was chasing her somewhere in Albuquerque during a fight. Both were in cars at the time.

The altercation began at Zimmerman Library, where the woman’s boyfriend wouldn’t allow her to study and "started to make a scene." She left the library to avoid him. The two of them moved to her car, where they reportedly were fighting for four hours.

"I’m going to f*ck you up," the man reportedly told the woman after he accused her of cheating.

The woman told UNMPD that she recorded the threat. This made the woman feel like she was in danger of being hurt by the suspect. The incident then escalated into a chase with the suspect following the woman at "extreme rates of speed" throughout the city. When the chase stopped, he reportedly threw a drink at her windshield.

The suspect told police that he did not harm the woman or threaten her during the course of the altercation. He also said that all encounters with the woman were with her consent — that she often informs him of where she is.

Indecent exposure at Yale parking structure

On Nov. 12, a male was seen masturbating in his vehicle in the Yale parking structure next to a woman who was also sitting in her vehicle.

A woman parked her car in the structure when a small Honda pulled into the space next to her and rolled down the passenger side window — which was the window closest to the woman.

Since the woman was in a higher vehicle than the suspect's car, she could clearly see him with his pants down, masturbating. As the woman got out her cell phone to call UNMPD, the suspect drove off.

Another call to UNMPD dispatch reported a suspicious vehicle in G-Lot with the same description as the small Honda seen at the Yale parking structure. The suspect was located and booked into the Prisoner Transport Center, and his vehicle was towed.

Domestic abuse leading to arrest at Zimmerman Library

A male and female were seen fighting outside of the south doors of Zimmerman Library on Nov. 3. The male reportedly struck the female with his hand.

The two had dated for about six months but had recently separated. According to the woman, this altercation began when the man accused her of cheating on him. He then threatened to kill her, according to the police report.

She also said her ex-boyfriend grabbed a necklace he had given her and threw it at her face, which she described as painful. According to the report, the woman was very upset by this and was seen trembling.

The male at the incident reported that there was an argument between the two but there was no violence or threats. When UNMPD ran the male’s name, they found he was banned from campus in January 2018 for previous illegal activity.

UNMPD arrested and booked the male suspect for criminal trespass, as well as battery and assault on a household member.

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