Last Saturday, the New Mexico Fermentation Festival cultured a good time by featuring the variety of fermented foods and beverages of the state. 

Located at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House, a 10-acre plot of land in the South Valley, patrons were welcome to sample pickles, cheeses, breads and beers. 

The event was put on by an all-women team, with the exception of Stephanie Cameron’s (the magazine publisher’s) husband, according to Natalie Donnelly, a staff member of edible magazine.

“I think it’s really powerful to work on teams of women… Working with strong women is something that I am really fortunate to do,” Donnelly said. “It elevates my work and it elevates our teamwork to have that kindness and compassion behind every decision that's made, and I think that makes vendors feel that much more appreciated.” 

In addition to sampling the food selection there, attendees were welcome to sit in on education sessions. Some of the classes offered were Pickle Mob, Humans First Libation: Mead, Kombucha Basics and Belly Health, Brain Connection.

According to Donnelly, this was the fourth year edible sponsored the event. Alongside edible, other producers of the event included Bernalillo County and the Hubbell House Alliance. This year, revenue will be split between the Hubbell house alliance and the country's Quality of Life fund.

Luisa Pennington is the Culture Editor and Co-Opinion Editor of the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @_luisapennington_