Well, here we are.

The final week of the semester should bring joy, happiness and adulation. Instead, it brings dread, hopelessness and much-unneeded stress. This sense of impending doom comes in the form of final exams, as they are the major reason for the massive loss of hair and mental breakdowns. But, with a plan of action and with a little luck, you can survive and thrive during your final exams.

I am not an expert in the field of finals, but these are the things that I have done to do better on the most important exam of the semester.

1. Create a plan

While this might be the simplest of the steps on this guide, it is often the most overlooked. Writing down your plan is also recommended, as a mental roadmap is often forgotten and leads to more stress. Block out an hour to two hours at a time, and put a reminder on your phone.

2. Take a break

Studying for more than two hours often leads you to forget what you have studied. Remember, you have time to work out what you know and don’t know. If you start to feel burned out, take a break. Go outside, watch Stranger Things on Netflix, watch cat videos on YouTube or do something that makes you feel good. Think of other, happier things, and then get back to the grid — you will feel refreshed and ready to go.

3. Get help

Help is something that we often need during this time. Go to a tutor, who can better help you understand concepts that have escaped your mind. Talk to your teacher or the TA during this time. They don’t want to see you fail, despite what you may think, and are willing to give you help if it's needed. You can also seek advice/help from other individuals that you know, like your parents, friends, co-workers and so on down the line.

4. Study smarter

Remember that big concept from the beginning of the semester? Well, if you have forgotten it, then shouldn’t you be studying that instead of your assignment from Monday? Go over things that happened at the beginning of this semester, as it is probably stuff that you have clearly forgotten about. This is not to say that you shouldn’t review everything, but you should focus your long study sessions on early semester material, and do shorter sessions for the stuff at the end.

5. Take care of yourself

Eat, and have good meals before your finals — a happy stomach will prevent you from thinking about those Blake's burritos. Sleep at least seven hours a night: it will ease your tired mind and let you refresh yourself for the coming day. Let out your pent-up frustration with some exercise, or some laps around Johnson Field and please keep your personal hygiene up, everyone will thank you later.

6. Breathe, finals will not end you

Remember, finals are merely a mark to see if you retained any information from the course you took. If you have done well on all your assignments and have already passed your previous tests, then you will be fine. Remember, you've got this. Always believe that you will pass your finals, for confidence is one of the greatest tools at your disposal.

These are merely the things that I use to help me get through this time of year. If you have any other tips and tricks for surviving this time of year, then impart that wisdom on those who you know are going through this rough period of the year. May you all do well on your exams, and remember: you control your fate, so go out there and seize the day.

Spencer Butler is a sports reporter at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at sports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @SpencerButler48