Whether students were dead from schoolwork or from the cartoons is yet to be determined at the Student Union Building Cartoon Night, kicking off the spring 2020 Uni Night events. 

Students were able to reminisce on what it was like to be a child watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal on Friday night, Jan. 31. 

There were two big screens displayed in the SUB ballroom with shows like “Spongebob,” “Total Drama Island,” “CatDog,” “Wild Thornberries,” and “Avatar the Last Airbender.” Students could grab a bagel or a bowl of cereal and choose which screen to watch. 

Giovanna Gong is an international studies senior with a focus on peacekeeping and diplomacy in Asia and the Middle East.  She said she has been to a lot of SUB events in the past, and first heard of Cartoon Night over Instagram so she sent it to her friends.  

“I love Spongebob,” Gong said. “It brings me back to fond memories with my family.”

Gong is a resident advisor (RA) in Coronado Hall which makes it really easy for her to attend on-campus events like the Uni Nights.

“What caught my eye were the free blankets,” Gong said. “Gotta say, I like free stuff.”  

The Uni Nights are paid for with part of the students’ tuition each semester, and they always have free giveaways and food at each monthly event. This month they had red foldable blankets for the first 50 students that came to the event. 

SUB Events Coordinator Anders Flagstad said they had a total of 90 students attend Cartoon Night. 

“I feel like the campus community is just an awesome place to be because everyone talks to everybody and it’s really easy to make friends,” Gong said. “I appreciate these events because it’s a chance for me to get to know my residents and hang out with my friends.” 

Flagstad said that out of the 90 students who attended, 42 of them are currently living on campus. Many of the students that attended Cartoon Night have been to a previous Uni Night event, but there were some students there for the first time. 

Scott McFall is a graduate student in business administration who had never been to a Uni Night before and decided to stop by on his way home. 

“I think it’s a good place to meet new people,” McFall said. “It does kind of appeal to different groups more than others though. A lot of different students are going to prefer going to parties on a Friday night.” 

Every semester the Student Union committee planning the Uni Nights will bring back one event that did really well in previous semesters and have brand new events for the other months. Flagstad said Cartoon Night was planned based on what students said they wanted more of in a survey at the end of last semester. 

There is a grand prize drawing for students who attend at least three out of four Uni Night events in a given semester. Flagstad said last year's grand prize was a pair of Apple Airpods, but only 13 students were entered into the drawing. 

Students receive a punch card with all the upcoming events that they can bring each month to prove how many events they have been to over the semester. Flagstad said if a student loses or forgets their card,  he can look their name up on the records to know if they were at previous events. 

Daniel Ward is the culture editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @wordsofward34