The weekly crime briefs are to give the students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico a quick look into the crimes reported on campus. They do not provide all perspectives of the incident. All of the information is retrieved through UNM police department incident reports.  

Sigma Chi Road hit with attempted break-ins 

On Sunday, Feb. 2, a man wearing jeans and a dark jacket was suspected of trying to force entry into several cars along Sigma Chi Road and University Boulevard NE. When a University of New Mexico Police Department officer arrived on the scene after the tip-off, he started to approach a man with the description of the suspect.

The man saw the officer and immediately started running north-bound to Lomas Blvd where other officers surrounded the area to try and catch the suspect. Once they caught up to the man and tried to restrain him, the man tried to wiggle free and resist his eventual arrest that night.

The arrested man had an extensive bench warrant stretching back to Santa Fe and is now being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center without further resisting and incidents. 

Man vandalizes his own city

At around 5 p.m.on Jan. 25, two UNMPD officers were patrolling Central Blvd SE and Vassar Drive SE when they discovered a 37-year-old  man with a red-knit beanie vandalizing poles and shop windows with a black marker.

One of the officers approached the man, who did not seem to notice until his wrist was grabbed and was forcefully placed under arrest for not complying. 

The man was placed in detention where he was asked about his crimes and why he committing vandalism.

“This is my city,” the suspect replied. 

Afterward, he was taken to the Prisoner Transport Center and later held in the Metropolitan Detention Center. As for the damage, there is no cost needed for repair. 

No Morale with Fraudulent PayPal

On Jan. 29,  an officer at the UNMPD met with a man who previously advised the officer that he received an unwanted and unknowing welcome letter from PayPal for their credit services. 

When the man called PayPal's customer service, they could not clear that the person who started the account was the account's owner. The customer care immediately shut down and deactivated the account.

The victim created a fraud alert account with Experian and completed a written statement about the situation to monitor the incident further. 

Since the incident happened through the internet, who and where the suspects are is unknown.  

Angelina Pompeo is a reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @PompeoAngelina