The tradition of Good Friday shared amongst many Catholic religious people in New Mexico has been postponed at Santuario de Chimayo from Archbishop of Santa Fe, John Wester. 

It was announced by Archbishop Wester March 13, 2020, for the people of God, to stay home during the pilgrimage walk that would happen this upcoming April 10th, known as Good Friday. 

Father Glennon Jones from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe said, “The walk has been officially canceled this year, but you know how those things go. No doubt some people will try to do it anyway even though we’ve asked them not to.”

As expected from many Catholic religious people it would be common of many true believers to insist on going out. Wester strongly encourages, “social distancing and proper safety protocols be strictly self-enforced to protect fellow pilgrims and their families.” Archbishop John C. Wester added that it would be smart to keep the families safe with COVID-19 recently being known as airborne.

According to a letter on the Archdiocese of Santa Fe website, the state is in charge of the postponed official date for the pilgrimage walk. Along with the pilgrimage in Valencia County at Tomé Hill is postponed, and the same guidelines continue. 

It has been known for years that thousands of people would come to share a tradition and visit one of New Mexico’s National Historic Landmarks. The plan has been for years to visit the temple where many would collect holy soil which believed to have “physical, emotional, and spiritual healing,” according to the Chimayo Sanctuary website. 

The Anaya family, from New Mexico, has been going and participating in the pilgrimage walk to Chimayo for six years now. They started a tradition where a total of 12 members of the family would congregate early morning on Good Friday and began their walk at the Cities of Gold Casino, an 11 mile endeavor. 

“We always look forward to walking and accomplishing the walk, everyone is happy besides being tired,” Daughter Andrea Anaya said. “ Don’t expect my family to go this year due to the corona,” 

The coronavirus can feel like a continuous period, with postponed events and cancelations. Due to certain events, as announced in the Letter on Plenary Indulgence published March 23rd, Archbishop Wester gives concerns and special indulgences, such as the Sacrament of Reconciliation to anyone wishing to at a home with no symptoms of COVID-19. Wester continues to comfort people who need to have absolution from sins and to be a special indulgence to the prayer of the faithful. 

More updates on the Archdiocese of Santa Fe can be found on Archbishop Wester’s Blog throughout the week, during these quarantined days.  

Cameron Ward is a culture reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @xx_cameo_xx