For as long as Lobos can remember, the Daily Lobo has served a vital role in bringing thoroughly researched, necessary information to the student body. For nearly as long, we have seen this fundamental University function be threatened by the student leaders who are charged with representing us.

These leaders have entertained defunding the Lobo. These representatives have accused the Daily Lobo of bias at times when their coverage accurately reflected political differences. In an era of “fake news” and populism, it is important to ensure that our government, down to the University level, is not involved in the media which aims to hold it accountable.

The Lobo’s coverage of an ASUNM president who vetoed a Black Lives Matter resolution which passed the Senate in a 13-5-2 vote was not inaccurate. And beyond the internal politics, not enough has been done to hold President Garnett Stokes accountable — and many students still do not feel safe. The Daily Lobo’s coverage is an indispensable service, and student leaders on campus should not have a role in deciding what that coverage looks like.

-AS.YOU.NM Senate slate