College students continue to drift lazily through summer break as the heat waves keep rolling in. As Albuquerque’s temperature heads back into the 90s this week, along with lowered COVID-19 restrictions, it’s time to enjoy a sweet treat. Here are the top 5 ice cream and frozen yogurt spots you can find in the city.

5. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt 

If you’re looking for something cold but ice cream isn’t the right fit for you, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is the way to go. This spot is among the best frozen yogurt places in Albuquerque, with over 70 flavors of delicious froyo. Far more refreshing and healthy than ice cream, frozen yogurt is a must-have this summer.  Whether you’re looking for something sweet, nutty or fruity, Menchie’s will have it.

Feeling drained? Try their cold brew coffee flavor! Have a dietary restriction? Menchie’s has vegan options that will be sure to satisfy you. Luckily, there are multiple locations around Albuquerque to taste this cold delicacy.

4. La Michoacana de Paquime 

La Michoacana de Paquime remains one of my favorite ice cream spots not only because of the taste, but because it reminds me of home in Mexico. La Michoacana is originally from the Mexican state Michoacan. Its popular assortment of ice creams, paletas and aguas frescas have taken it all around Mexico and the U.S.

This place is home to me, so I have to recommend it. With not only their delicious ice cream flavors but also their scrumptious cream and water paletas, you’ll definitely survive this summer’s heat. Their various treat options will make you feel like you’re in Mexico too. La Michoacana dishes out a homemade flavor that not every place can replicate.

Also, nothing quenches the summer thirst like fresh horchata water. Or cantaloupe, or hibiscus, or cucumber … you know what? Just try them all.

3. Cold Stone Creamery 

Do you love ice cream but a simple chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavor doesn’t quite satisfy? I have the solution: Cold Stone Creamery. This place is a popular chain for a reason.

Cold Stone not only offers multiple flavors of sweet and creamy ice cream that you can combine, but it also has amazing options for toppings! You can make your boring soft dessert into something chewy and unique. This sweet spot boasts over 25 incredible signature creations. One of them will surely speak to your palate, whether it’s a typically-sweet treat or something with a salty twist.

Ice cream isn’t the only thing behind the counter; they also carry ready-made and customizable ice cream cakes — the puffiness of cake with the smooth ice cream is a combination to die for. If your birthday is in the summer, you know what to get. 

2. The Paleta Bar

Feeling like La Michoacana but want something fancier? Then the Paleta Bar is the place to go. Originally from Albuquerque, the Paleta Bar has been so successful in New Mexico that they have expanded to other states, like Texas, California and Florida.

One of the reasons this spot is so popular is because you make your own paletas. The makeup of the paleta is up to you, from paleta flavor to dippings and toppings. The shop even offers a selection of fresh fruit to add to your tasty treat. If you’re not sure about creating your own masterpiece, the Paleta Bar’s got you covered by recommending one of their 10 preset combinations.

1. I Scream Ice Cream

In the No. 1 spot for frozen treats is the crème de la ice cream: I Scream Ice Cream. Customers have not only praised the shop for their delicious ice cream, but also the welcoming environment itself that’s covered in retro decorations. While you enjoy your cold dessert, you can admire the store’s splendor and take some truly aesthetic pics.

The place was even mentioned in an article by PBS as one of the best ice cream shops in New Mexico! PBS recommends it, the community recommends it and most importantly, I recommend it … so just go already!

As someone with a big sweet tooth, there has been nothing better than enjoying ice cream and froyo places. Having the opportunity to try these different spots has been a summer dream, so don’t let this scorching weather ruin your summer. Embrace it and use it as an excuse to try all of these amazing places!

Annya Loya is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @annyaloya