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Loboscopes: May general predictions


The transit of several key planets into Aries this month — Jupiter, Venus and Mars — will precipitate a wealth of ideas and physical blessings. The sun remaining steadfast in Taurus until the end of the month should give flashes of inspiration some staying power, as Aries isn’t known for its follow-through.

A Mercury retrograde will begin in Gemini on May 10, adding fuel to the Aries fire burning in the heavens. Beware of backwards movement, like reverting to old habits and communicating with those you’ve left behind. The reckless Ram running rampant across the sky will make this difficult. How will you manage? Read on for more specific advice.


Watch it, fiery warrior. Although many of these Aries transits are emboldening — it may feel like every little thing is a sign to go for it — the Mercury retrograde will complicate the action you want to take. Venus enters Aries on May 2, so your desire for conflict and a short fling may feel all-consuming, especially for those of you with a Venus in detriment (like Aries or Scorpio).


This month should be an enjoyable time for the risk-averse and stable Bull. May will begin with the sun in your domain and end with Venus resting there in exaltation. Let the Aries transits be your flint and spark your artistic, splendor-seeking leanings. Spend more time this month journaling and taking pictures. It’s okay to hoard memories as long as they’re beautiful, right?


Summer breeze makes you feel fine, Twins. The sun in Gemini will conjunct Mercury in Gemini on May 21, creating the perfect opportunity for a party or brunch to reconnect with your friends. This alignment will create a sociable atmosphere for you to thrive in, helping soften the effects of Mercury retrograde. Mars moving into Aries on May 24 will also give you the willpower to make hard decisions instead of dwelling simultaneously in two outcomes.


Sorry, Crabs. With everyone running around in impulsive bliss this May, you won’t have much luck getting your claws around anyone. You’ll struggle with finding the love you want for most of this month, given that Venus will be in Aries sowing sexy chaos until May 28. Now is the time to plant the seeds of connection with your family and friends instead.


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The spotlight is on you and your pride this month, Leo. You’ll find that Taurus season will make you feel even more confident than usual and maybe even bring some financial success your way. All the Aries energy lingering in this month may make you feel challenged, encouraging you to fight for your place on center stage. Be grateful for this instead of threatened.


This will be a particularly sensitive month for the already gentle Virgin. Mercury’s retrograde movement will frustrate your Mercury-ruled, analytical mind. You may feel as though you aren’t saying what you mean or what you’re saying isn’t truthful. But remember that this, too, shall pass. Lean on your airy friends during this month; they will help you take things less seriously.


The scales have tipped in your favor, Libra. Expect fruitful collaboration, particularly beginning on May 12 as Jupiter enters Aries, directly opposing a moon in Libra. Be wary not to squander these blossoming partnerships late in the month as the disruptive, conflict-prone Mars enters Aries and a retrograde Mercury moves into Taurus, opening up potential for miscommunication for you.


This month may sting a little, Scorpio. A total lunar eclipse beginning May 15 may bring about some year-altering news or otherwise shake up your sense of self with a relatively sudden life event. The end of the month may also leave you feeling caught up in the humdrum as a plethora of planets in Aries sweep you up. Try to make some time for self-reflection this month.


Sagittarius is free to galavant this May. As the moon hits a pleasant aspect with Jupiter on May 16, expect expansive, generous energy to come your way. Starting around this time, there will be an influx of pleasure and joy; just be sure not to step on the toes of those you love while Mercury is still retrograde in your opposing sign of Gemini until May 22.


Capricorns may feel the urge to pull away from the herd this month. As the overwhelming Aries energy culminates, you may be feeling increased tension in your life causing you to retreat from any meaningful connection or potential projects. This is okay, but remember to take time to practice self-care this month and try not to slip into burnout; channel your energy into work around the house or spending much-needed time with family.


Now’s the time to get your act together, water-bearer. Finish all of those little tasks you have been putting off early in the month before the retrograde hits. After the retrograde, you will be left with some much-needed time for reflection. Now is a great time for a miniature road trip or to extend your humanitarian urges towards your local community.


This month should be smooth swimming for the dreamy Pisces. You will still be feeling the energetic effects of Mars driving you to stand up for yourself more so than you would normally be driven to. The May 15 lunar eclipse could present some sort of shake-up in your romantic and/or sexual endeavors. The rest of the month should be relatively slow; do watch how you are spending your money, though.

As the stars align into perfect chaos this month, remember that you are the arbiter of your own fortune. Though the current transits present obstacles for many, do not lose faith, for they can be easily overcome with focus, tact and a little bit of cosmic wisdom.

Nell Johnson is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be reached on Twitter @peachnells or at

Zara Roy is the news editor at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle

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