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Albuquerque children talk summer fun

With the arrival of summer and the ushering in of warmer weather also brings about summer vacation for most students at the University of New Mexico. This summer, consider taking a page from the books of these children; take joy in the time that you have in this broad community with the people that you love.

Time outdoors 

Siblings Riley Taylor (third grade) and Kylie Johnson (seventh grade) are excited to spend time outside this summer, indulging in various games of tag and ball.

“We usually just throw the ball around, play basketball, or we just run after each other,” Johnson said. “Just, like, have fun and be more active.”

If tag doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of the good weather and exercise; a walk around campus, a hike or some time in the pool can be great, simple ways to maintain both physical and mental health. Just be sure to bring water with you to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Trying new things

A key component of summer break is trying new things. This can be as simple as trying a new restaurant or as complex as taking up a new hobby. Sisters Aadhya (seventh grade) and Aanya (fourth grade) Asoori had quite the plan for keeping things fresh.

“This time, we plan on going … snorkeling with whale sharks” Aahdya said.

Her younger sister was quick to point out that they weren’t scared.

“We’re competitive swimmers,” Aanya said.

Come up with a plan to try new things this summer, especially if they involve those you love. Go climbing, write a poem, get into basket weaving — you never know when something you try will end up changing you for the better.

Time with loved ones

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Summer also provides an excellent opportunity to unwind with friends and family, according to Johnson and Taylor. 

“We usually just throw the ball around, play basketball or we just run after each other,” Johnson said.

To them, anything seems like a good reason to spend time together, even when they don’t get along.

“We do get along, but sometimes we don’t,” Taylor said. “We’ve gotten along for like a month.”

No matter what you do this summer, enjoy the company of those close to you; time goes by quicker than ever, and those little moments of comradery and disagreement are the things you’ll remember twenty years from now. Those around you are more important than can be stated, be it your family, friends or roommates, and we encourage you to take the time to connect with them.

Time off school

Not unlike many students at UNM, the highlight of summer for some Albuquerque children is, unsurprisingly, the time away from school and extracurriculars. Aadhya said that she looks forward to taking a break.

“It’s nice to just… take a break,” Aadhya said. “No school, no (piano) practice.”

Though not everyone will have an extended break this summer, it’s important to set aside time to step away from the daily monotony. Give yourself a little summer break every day, be it in the form of a half-hour nap or a ten-minute popsicle break.

Vacation and travel

On top of the time off from regular responsibilities like school and practice, summer break also offers students time to explore. Aadhya said her family enjoys the time out of town.

“We go camping regularly,” Aadhya said.

Taking time away from home with their loved ones allows students and families to reconnect and recharge with what really matters — each other.

This summer, try leaving your bubble, even just for a day. Vacation doesn’t necessarily have to mean traveling to a new town — sometimes it can be as simple as turning off email notifications to focus on those you love.

Spenser Willden is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @spenserwillden

Natalie Jude is the design director at the Daily Lobo. They can be contacted at or on Twitter @natalaroni

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