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Virge Ihn, a first-year philosophy student at UNM, gets angry when a photographer attempts to take their picture and tries to grab the camera.

5 and Why: 5 answers to a question


Many of us have been wondering this semester. Wondering who? When you what? And then? The Daily Lobo asked freshman philosophy student Virge Ihn his top five ways to tackle the question, “Who when you what and then?” Read on to find out how.

I’m confused. Can you repeat the question?

Oftentimes, people can be confused when confronted with such big questions that don’t necessarily have correct answers. Ihn encourages people to embrace this uncertainty.

“I just, I don’t get exactly what you’re talking about. Is this like a joke or something?” Ihn said.

Could I maybe get a different question?

Ihn said that it is easier to ask questions like, “Who when you what and then?” when you’ve first tackled smaller questions like “Why the how?” or “M-hm? Oh yeah?” When you get clarity on this base level, it is easier to work up to forming an opinion on more heavy questions of being and existence.

“Who? When what? You — and then?” Ihn said.

I actually have somewhere to be right now.

For Ihn, it is important to get out and explore the world before committing to any one answer to the question, “Who when you what and then?” He likes to walk really fast, as he showed a reporter from the Daily Lobo.

“Leave me alone please,” Ihn said.

Luckily, he was not fast enough to get away.

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If I answer this will you stop bothering me?

Sometimes you must commit to the challenge at hand and face the difficult parts of life head-on. When Ihn feels prepared to take on hard questions, he likes to assume a confrontational stance and talk in a hurtful and curt tone in order to assert his dominance and feel more confident.

“You know what? I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear if you let me go. I’m already late to class as is,” Ihn said.

Um … When you who and then what.

When you then where how by under the what to done with at the over there why the and mine whose when to to to to to too two three four five and a five, six, seven, eight —

“I’m leaving. I hope to never see you on campus again,” Ihn said.

Now that you have some idea of how to answer one of the most daunting questions known to man, from an expert in the field of pondering pointless questions, we hope you are able to sleep easy, find a glimmer of hope and, most importantly, when you who and then what.

Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle 

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