Albuquerque's Climate March was full of strong opinions and even stronger hope, but not full of youth. That's why I showed up.

It was not because I have a particular love and affection for all things green or can be found hugging trees in my free time. Truth be told, I am not an environmentalist. I am simply an activist. I showed up because I was called on to spread a message and to act for love and justice.


I wish we had a fair, loving, all-powerful parent God who would rescue all who fervently prayed for help from war, starvation, cancer, addiction, tornadoes, drought, drunk drivers, rape, family violence, blindness, false charges, drones, torture and much more. Hundreds of millions of people throughout human history have prayed desperately to God the best they knew how and received no help.


"Uncertainly is swirling over whether the Census Bureau will be able to get an accurate population count for the 2020 census," the Hill reports. The Department of Justice wants the bureau to ask respondents about their citizenship status, which could result in people avoiding the census altogether.

There's a simple solution to the "problem," and that is for the Census Bureau to slim its questionnaire down to the only question it can legally ask:

"How many people live here?"


I would not trade speaking, writing and living my conscience for any high-paying job pressing me to shut up my convictions.

I would not trade living below the federal income tax level to refuse to pay for war — for all the money in the world.

I would not trade mostly walking, sometimes riding the bus — for owning a luxury car.

Letter: Trump folds to the establishment with latest debt deal


The Washington Post reports that U.S. President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) "have agreed to pursue a deal that would permanently remove the requirement that Congress repeatedly raise the debt ceiling."

That must be a bitter pill to swallow for those who thought they were electing an "anti-establishment" president to "drain the swamp" in Washington, but it should be no surprise. After all, Trump built his business career on going into debt up to his neck, taking a profit when things worked out, and leaving his partners holding the bankruptcy bag when they didn't.

Letter: America needs to stop arming terrorist groups


A diplomatic fallout is currently taking place between the nations of Turkey and Iraq, but it is only a small symptom of a much larger problem. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has long been accused by regional leaders and political analysts of being one of ISIS' biggest supporters; his recent comments seem to cement these accusations. Speaking about the volunteer militias in Iraq, 

Letter: Healthcare cuts will be detrimental to the economy


Worse for your health than any chronic health disease you could name.

The Washington bureaucrats have devised a plan which will make you sick! Yes, that’s right: they are pushing their “American Healthcare Plan” again. Only this time, it really will make you sick.
The plan will slash Medicaid, leaving 180,000 New Mexicans without health insurance. Quite possibly, at least one of your family members, friends or acquaintances will lose health coverage under this bill. 

Letter: Proper nutrition can help with substance addictions


Nutritionist Roger Williams in the 1950s proved that not enough nutrients causes alcoholism. In his experiments with rats, only 10 percent of those with full nutrition became alcoholic. When nutrients were cut by one-third, about 33 percent became alcoholic. When nutrients were tripled for super nutrition, only one percent became alcoholic.

In a study on people who boozed and smoked, an amazing 80 percent stopped without even trying when they received super nutrition.

Letter: Trump has violated promise to stay out of Syria


Is it just me or did Donald Trump swear up and down during the election that he would not militarily escalate the U.S. presence in Syria? In fact, if I remember the debates correctly, he took more than one pot shot at Hillary Clinton for supporting unnecessary wars in the Middle East that, at the end of the day, did not benefit the people of the United States. 

Letter: It's time to question the viability of athletics

Dear President Abdallah and the Board of Regents,

I support your efforts to deal with one of the worst economic crises our University has ever suffered. However, I am very concerned about the draconian cuts now occurring to core academic programs at a time when the Athletic Department is hemorrhaging millions of dollars, and consistently running deficits year after year that must be made up by legislative funds, student fees and cuts to other University programs. I believe that no public employee in a state like New Mexico should earn multi-million dollar salaries and contract buyouts.

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