Like many people, I am able to be openly and honestly in love with more than one person at the same time.

We teach children to share food, toys and friends. How selfish and cruel the child who demands that his child friend have no other friends or playmates! We adults can learn to share our lovers with others.

We enjoy a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, colors, books, songs...Many of us also enjoy a variety of lovers!

A loving parent can have a deep, special bond with each one of several children. Can someone be a “faithful” parent only if he or she has and loves just one child?

I refuse to let any man cage me or fence me in romantically, so I have no right to cage him or fence him in. Every man I have been in love with has taught me – helping me become a wiser and better lover.

All romantic relationships face hurdles, bumps, conflicts...Why put all our eggs into one basket? Invest our hearts into more than one lover at the same time and do it honestly with all involved. So if one lover backs out, moves away or dies, we may feel less desperate, less abandoned, less devastated and more able to cope in our sad loss.

I do not own any man no matter how deeply I am in love with him. I cannot make any man fall in love with me and I cannot make any man stay in love with me and I am a fool if I try to force him!

Hell no to cover-ups, lies, “cheating,” double standard and insane jealousy! Yes to deep intimacy and sexual pleasure generously shared with more than one person!

Don Schrader

Daily Lobo reader