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Maddie Pukite

Maddie Pukite is the 2023-2024 editor of the Daily Lobo. 

SHAC retirement facility.jpg

SHAC opens retirement center to accommodate wait times

The average age of students on campus is increasing to 190, meanwhile, Student Health and Counseling wait times are increasing as well. To accommodate the wait, SHAC opened retirement centers last Friday for students and has allegedly started an experimental drug trial in hopes of finding an anti-aging property. The issue began on April 3, 2023 when four students all entered the waiting room at the same time for sprained ankles. Maria Barker, an injured student, said all hell broke loose when a box of a thousand unidentifiable tablet-sized medications fell off a shelf.

Joseph Conteh.JPG

GPSA Presidential elections: Joseph Conteh

Joseph Conteh (ballot #2) is running for Graduate and Professional Student Association President. His campaign centers on collaboration and creating more opportunities for graduate students at the University. Conteh is pursuing a Master of Public Administration and has served as the Public Relations Director for GPSA this past year. He also served as the Student Body Vice President for the University of Sierra Leone during his undergraduate career. His work in the past has focused on supporting projects from rural communities in Sierra Leone, which fostered skills he said he would bring to this position.

Anthony Tomaziefski and Mutazz (Tazz) Jaber

ASUNM Presidential and Vice Presidential elections: Anthony Tomaziefski and Mutazz (Tazz) Jaber

Two current senators for the Associated Students at the University of New Mexico, Anthony Tomaziefski (ballot #6) and Mutazz (Tazz) Jaber (#3) are running for ASUNM President and Vice President, respectively focusing on accessibility, safety, involvement and outreach. Tomaziefski and Jaber’s campaign centers on education and student outreach to address their concerns surrounding the lack of accessibility on campus, safety and bridging the gap between students – specifically Greek Life – and ASUNM, they said. 


ASUNM Presidential and Vice Presidential elections: Galen Oston and Tivon Oston

Brothers Galen Oston (ballot #3) and Tivon Oston (#4) hope to bring changes to the Associated Students at the University of New Mexico in the upcoming spring elections. Running as brothers allows them to complement the skills the other brings to the table, Tivon Oston said. Neither of them has prior experience in ASUNM, which is something they want to use to their advantage to bring an outside perspective and change to the institution as a whole. “I think there's no way around the fact that there needs to be changes,” Galen Oston said.

Kai Warrior Feature

Kai Warrior’s immersion into music

The goal was to create a fully immersive musical experience -  so Kai Warrior brought their childhood home to The Orpheum Community Hub on Saturday. Warrior is a local musician who grew up in Albuquerque. They released their debut EP, “Everything I Know,” on Feb. 3. Their work follows a cyclical motion and outlines the details of childhood, friendship, love and heartbreak, and then circles back to childhood. “I wanted the EP to feel fully engulfing, and I figured the only way to do that would be to recreate my life in a room,” Warrior said.

Ask the Eds - relationship

Ask the editors: How do you show love to your loved ones?

  With another Valentine's Day week coming to a close, we find chocolate wrappers tossed in trash cans and roses slowly drying under the sun. Six editors at the Daily Lobo came together to reflect on how we show love to those around us.  Time shared over a meal  As someone whose primary love language is quality time, I let the people in my life know that I love them by existing around them as much as I can. Having the ability to exist in the same space as another person without feeling anxious, performative or uncomfortable is precious. 

Air Board Hearing.jpg

The Air Board sticks to the status quo

The First Judicial District Court has granted the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board a preliminary injunction until the legality of the case is decided at the next scheduled hearing. A preliminary injunction will allow the Air Board to revert to the status quo and continue to operate as it had before the Albuquerque City Council approved an ordinance and resolution that substantially changed the Air Board in November. “I so find that the Air Board is likely to prevail ultimately on this, and I do have concerns about allowing a situation to proceed that may be unlawful,” District Court Judge Francis Mathew said in the ruling.


UNM law school educates high schoolers on constitutional rights

Each year, the University of New Mexico School of Law students go to local high schools to teach constitutional law through the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project. After observing a national decline in civic education, the program was conceptualized by professors at American University 25 years ago in Washington, D.C., Maryam Ahranjan said, director of the UNM chapter of the project and School of Law professor. Currently, only seven U.S. states require a full year of civics education, not including New Mexico, according to the Institute for Citizens and Scholars. 

The Setonian

Editorial: Trump must be held to the law, but the Court must do so with extreme care

This upcoming February, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case that will decide if Trump is ineligible to remain on the ballot given his involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection, as reported by the Colorado Newsline. The conservative build-up of the court – a third of the Justices being appointed by Donald Trump – and the weight of the question will require a critical opinion to remove Trump from the ballot, but it is imperative that they do so.  When the Supreme Court decides a case, they interpret the Constitution and set precedents that will be used to determine the outcome of future court cases. This case calls Section 3 of the 14th Amendment into question – a section that has never been interpreted by the Supreme Court before, according to AP.   

Burque Solidarity Ride

Biking collectives ride in support of Palestine

With Palestinian flags attached to bikes and watermelon bandanas, a few dozen cyclists gathered in Robinson Park in support of a cease-fire in Gaza on Saturday, Jan. 6.  The group rode five miles to stand in solidarity with Palestine and to fundraise for the Gaza Sunbirds and the Middle East Children's Alliance. The Gaza Sunbirds are a para-athletic cycling team that, since the war with Israel, has transitioned from cycling to providing aid and distributing resources to their community. Tannia Esparza, a co-organizer, said the ride in Albuquerque was in response to a call by Native Women Ride for people across the nation to ride in solidarity with the Gaza Sunbirds.

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