Stranger Factory is a gallery devoted to bringing a new style of art to Nob Hill with exhibits featuring artists from around the world, including work from local artist Karl Deuble, a native New Mexican and UNM alum.

Deuble’s art specializes in cartoons and character based artwork while also falling under pop surrealism and lowbrow. He started following the work of artists at Stranger Factory in college after being inspired by the gallery owner's creations for years.

After graduation, he worked as a screen printer for six years and attended Stranger Factory show openings. That was when Stranger Factory contacted him for his screen printing, saw his art and invited him to participate in a Halloween show, he said.

Although he enjoys showing his art in general, Deuble said he specifically enjoys showing it at Stranger Factory — not only is the gallery owned by artists he looks up to, but he has had the opportunity to meet other artists he never thought he would see in person, especially in Albuquerque. “It’s a really special place to Albuquerque,” Deuble said. “Just their fanbase and the following the people who follow it have just opened up other doors and led to people all over the world being able to see the artwork because of Stranger Factory.”

Attending UNM has impacted his career as a local artist, as the coursework “has definitely given me a different perspective on what I can do...I had a really good time, and I enjoyed school a lot more, because I picked something that I actually had fun doing and enjoyed,” Deuble said. He said his degree opened a door for his first screen printing job, as it encouraged the owner to give him a chance, he said. “Because of school, I learned a craft, and I discovered that if I had a craft I could make it as just a craft person and be happy,” Deuble said.

By Diana Cervantes @dee_sea_

Artist Karl Deuble's eleven out of twenty pieces are displayed at Stranger Factory. His work ranges from acrylic, spray paint and graphite.

Deuble’s own solo show “Abundantly Dim” premiered on March 3 of this year. To learn more about Stranger Factory, go to

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