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Nichole Harwood

Courtesy of Comixology

"Vengeance, Nevada" sets tone for future issues of comic

Author of the book Social Media Is Bullshit, B.J. Mendelson, delves into the creative world of comic fiction with his addition to the field, “Vengeance, Nevada.” Cover art for the issue is provided by Isidore Koliavras and interior art and letters are by Peter Czaplarski, with the story and characters written by Mendelson himself. The comic begins with the main character who is first introduced by walking into a house where she is quickly greeted by a cat, and after some dialogue she leans back, commenting on her exhaustion before drifting off.

Kurt A. Oelsner is the current local business owner of Chocolate Dude, president of Nob Hill Main Street and a citizen of Nob Hill.Photo courtesy of Nichole Harwood / NM News Port

Working together to preserve a community

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on April 9 in the New Mexico News Port, under the headline, "Working Together to Preserve a Community," written by Nichole Harwood. This is part of our project to help connect the Daily Lobo audience to more members of our community. Historic Nob Hill has been a staple of Albuquerque since Central Avenue became part of Route 66 in 1937 and prides itself on its historical buildings and its many locally owned businesses. The community has worked together for years to balance its goals for historical preservation while still enriching its economy through the income of new businesses.

Photo of Dr. David Rakel, author of “The Compassionate Connection”Photo courtesy of UNM School of Medicine

Prof's book explores the power of empathy

An individual's capacity for compassion and empathy is portrayed as a powerful tool in “The Compassionate Connection: The Healing Power of Empathy and Mindful Listening,” written by University of New Mexico Professor and Chair for Family and Community Medicine David Rakel, M.D. Throughout the book, Rakel tells a series of stories from the medical field, delving into the power of empathy and expanding on the relationships individuals create with those they meet both medical professional and patient.

The Setonian

Book Review: “She Wolf and Cub” tells powerful story through cyborg’s accidental motherhood

Lilith Saintcrow’s “She Wolf and Cub” succeeds in so many ways where other dystopian worlds before have failed. Dystopian futures are not generally the most unique of settings. It’s been done before, but perhaps because Saintcrow is so willing to push the limits it has never been done quite like this. Saintcrow poses the question on her website: “Have you ever said to yourself, ‘Self, where are all the cyborg assassin Westerns, because I really want to read one?’” She responded by writing one herself. Answering a need most of us didn’t even know we wanted.

Photo Courtesy of

Column: Facebook may be to blame for strong political divide

Waking up and browsing Facebook is a common, often daily activity for the average individual in this day and age. Just as common is the barrage of memes and graphics plastered across the screen when logging in. These memes and graphics vary in accuracy, with some ranging from insanely inaccurate to strangely true. One graphic circulating on the site can be filed under the strangely true category.

Cover courtesy of Gail Carriger website

Book Review: "Poison or Protect" hits all the sweet spots

Have you ever read a story with an ending that left a smile on your face? Every avid reader has one — or in my case multiple. A story that makes them laugh, cry and yes, just smile. As a reader I am not prone to enjoy romances. I find most stories centered around a romance to be dreadfully boring, and I can normally only enjoy a good one when it’s surrounded by much more interesting plot points.

By Nichole Harwood / NM News Port 

Nob Hill merchants still awaiting ART's benefits

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on Feb. 19 in the New Mexico News Port, under the headline, "Nob Hill merchants still awaiting ART's benefits," written by Nichole Harwood. This is part of our project to help connect the Daily Lobo audience to more members of our community. With the arrival of ART — Albuquerque Rapid Transit’s dedicated bus line — many longtime businesses find themselves still waiting for the project to deliver on its promises while enduring more than a year of disruption. The Nob Hill Business Community has emerged as one of Albuquerque’s most popular districts for restaurants, entertainment and boutique shopping. Home to many locally owned businesses, Nob Hill is located just east of the University of New Mexico, spanning a mile-long stretch of Central Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Marissa Meyer

Book Review: "Cinder" mixes fairytales with dystopian fiction

No. 1 New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Marissa Meyer plunged me, along with many others, into a thrilling adventure when she published her first book in her “Lunar Chronicles” series, titled “Cinder” back in 2012. Then, she left her readers equally breathless when the series wrapped up with the book “Winter” in 2015. Meyer hasn’t left the world she meticulously set up in her “Lunar Chronicles” behind however. Readers were given another glimpse through “Wires and Nerves,” a graphic novel sequel series written by Meyer and illustrated by Douglas Holgate, the second part of which was released Jan. 30 of this year.

Cover courtesy of Goodreads

Book Review: "The Cruel Prince" proves to be thrilling fantasy

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Author of bestselling contemporary fantasy books Holly Black returns once again to the realm of fairies this year with a new series. The first book of the series, “The Folk of the Air” is titled “The Cruel Prince” and plunges readers once again into a world of magic that holds both beauty and cruelty in the same regard. We view the story through the eyes of Jude, a young human woman who is initially introduced in the book as a child. Alongside her, we witness the brutal death of her parents followed immediately by the abduction of her and her sisters, Vivienne and Taryn. The abductor/murderer Madoc is Jude’s mother’s ex-husband, who she fled with their child Vivienne before remarrying and giving birth to twins Jude and Taryn.

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