Steve McKee started out just as another University of New Mexico college graduate would: looking for a job and trying to figure out his next move.

His first job came when he began working for a Pizza Hut account in southern California at an ad agency. From then on he took on multiple jobs until he opened his own firm nineteen years ago.

University President Bob Frank took to Twitter Monday evening to address UNM's official seal and the campaign demanding it be changed. 

First, Frank provided some history behind the current depiction of the seal - which portrays a frontiersman and a conquistador - emphasizing that it was a Native American that designed it.

The Associated Students of New Mexico unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday encouraging the addition of universal restrooms and altering other plans for Johnson Gym’s soon-to-begin renovations.

At its final senate meeting of the semester, Sen. Hallie Brown, who sponsored the legislation, said it was born out of a desire for safety and inclusion.

Question: How are you preparing for finals?

University department protects national intelligence

UNM has been honored the 2015 Defense Security Service Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence, which recognizes defense contractors that have the ability to prevent foreign theft of U.S. defense technology.

UNM is only the third university ever to be awarded the honor, something Associate Vice President of Research and Compliance said is overwhelming. 

Protest against UNM seal gains steam

Last Friday, students and faculty associated with Red Nation, Kiva Club as well as other members of the UNM community congregated outside of Scholes Hall on Friday to protest UNM’s seal.

HSC fights mining-related lung disease

UNM researchers are helping miners in New Mexico get treatment for different diseases as well as get compensation from their employers.

Researchers are collaborating with Miners' Colfax Medical Center to screen coal and uranium miners in the state for different diseases and to facilitate their treatment. The researchers are also providing education on how to prevent lung related diseases that are associated with mining.

Constructing a safer campus

Last Friday, in the wake of severe criticism from the Department of Justice, President Bob Frank outlined the steps UNM is taking to create a safer climate.

Several University entities are following suit, saying action is being taken to meet the necessary standards on a campus-wide level.

UNM awarded $7.5M for laser research

According to UNM press release, a team of scientists at UNM have been awarded a $7.5 million grant to build on laser projects at the University.

Mansoor Sheik-Bahae and Arash Mafi, both from the Department of Physics & Astronomy, along with collaborators from other institutions, were awarded the grant, according to the release.

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