UNM students, led by the Young Progressives Demanding Action, staged a walkout protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday.

A group of over 100 students gathered in Cornell Mall before a podium that displayed the caricature of Trump and the words “Chale Con Trump.”

“This is a rally to empower others to go against Trumpism and fight for the rights of individuals that he has so constantly ignored during his campaign,” said Nathan Siegel, president of UNM YPDA. “We hope, by the end of this, that we will do just that.”

Siegel said the rally is one of encouragement, so participants can feel empowered in protecting human rights.

The Associated Students of UNM and Heading Home unveil on Thursday a new installation aimed at increasing awareness to the plight of homelessness, especially when it affects UNM students.

Dennis Plummer, CEO of Heading Home, announced the SUB installation and partnership between the two entities in their Two Sides To Every Story campaign.

“It takes a conversation in the public imagination, about homelessness, to change hearts and minds,” Plummer said.

He called the installation on campus a “creative project” that will encourage those very conversations across campus.

UNM professor and regents lecturer in the Department of Linguistics Melissa Axelrod recently received an award from the Linguistic Society of America for her work studying endangered and extinct languages.

Axelrod has been working on language revitalization efforts in the Southwest since 1995, collaborating with the Jicarilla Apache Nation and with the Sandia Tiwa, Nambe Tewa, Pojoaque and Tesuque Tewa pueblos, she said.

“Native American communities across the United States are taking steps toward combating loss of their native language, and for many tribes whose native speakers are few and elderly, the need to increase the number of fluent speakers is urgent,” Axelrod said.

Over winter break UNM passed a policy that requires all newly constructed facilities to include universal restrooms and. While the policy is only 318 words, the battle to bring universal restrooms to UNM’s campus has been a long one.

According to Francie Cordova, director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, the LGBTQ Resource Center began a gender-neutral restroom initiative to ensure UNM has safe restrooms for people who are gender nonconforming.

In 2013, the Associated Students of UNM passed a resolution in support of universal restrooms being introduced on campus.

Ben Savoca, a facility planner who wrote the new policy, said he got involved with the initiative because he deals with some of the signage around campus.

Visiting prof discusses future of informatics in medicine

A lecture on Thursday morning by a visiting UNM professor covered the history of informatics, but it’s his beginning work in general internal medicine that laid the groundwork for national standards today.

“A lot of internal medicine in the past 50 years has been diagnose and give them some pills, right?” said Stuart Nelson, who works in the UNM Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center.

Nelson was one of the original designers of the Unified Medical Language System — a vast treasure trove of vocabulary for biomedical sciences.

Nelson was head of Medical Subject Headings at the National Library of Medicine, where he reconstructed MeSH into a concept-oriented vocabulary, and came up with the national standard for discussing prescription drugs.

Concerned students group meet with UNM administrators over upcoming Yiannopoulos visit

Some UNM student groups and administrators found themselves divided Thursday over the line between free speech and hate speech.

Members of seven different student organizations met with administrators Thursday to discuss controversial Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking appearance at UNM scheduled for next Friday.

KIVA Club, MEChA, Black Student Union, Queer Student Alliance, Muslim Student Association, DREAM Team, The Red Nation, and Showing Up for Racial Justice all signed a statement of concern which argued that Yiannopoulos’s appearance would incite physical violence on the UNM campus. 

Crime Briefs for Jan. 19

Arson and criminal trespass at Woodward II

On Jan. 8, a UNMPD officer was dispatched to Woodward II at 700 Lomas Blvd. NE in reference to a fire alarm, according to a report. UNM dispatch was unable to identify the exact location of the fire alarm within the building. 

ASUNM prepares for UNM Day at the Roundhouse

ASUNM Governmental Affairs is offering a training for anyone wanting to be a team advocate for UNM Day, a day when the New Mexico State Legislature focuses on UNM-specific issues. These advocates travel to Santa Fe every year to meet legislators and lobby for issues that benefit UNM students.

“With the capitol in Santa Fe, it creates distance between the legislature and students,” ASUNM Governmental Affairs Executive Assistant Royce Dellar said. “UNM Day allows legislators to put a name to a face.”

Executive Director Nathan Cowan and his assistants Dellar and Jack Hodge started with a video highlighting “What to Expect” as an advocate.

It presented UNM Day as an opportunity for UNM organizations to head to the state capitol to talk about what is most important to them. The 20-minute training session outlines what is means to be an advocate, and how to best interact with legislators and other professionals in Santa Fe.

Student government leaders looks ahead to 2017

ASUNM and GPSA hope to surpass their accomplishments from last semester by increasing student engagement, introducing new legislation and advocating to the State Legislature on UNM Day.

GPSA President Glenda Lewis and ASUNM President Biederwolf, along with the Governmental Affairs team, will be in Santa Fe on Jan. 30 for UNM Day to speak to legislators about the importance of saving the Lottery Scholarship and other initiatives important to UNM.

“The Lottery Scholarship is in danger of losing many portions of its funding, and lawmakers will need to act this session in order to keep New Mexico higher education accessible for all students,” Biederwolf said.

Lewis said they are “definitely” in preparations for UNM Day, and hope to see a successful outcome from this year’s event.

Lewis said she wants to “start the spring semester with a bang.” One of her goals is to increase student engagement and find how to better serve the students.

Governor has yet to name new UNM regents

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has yet to nominate the replacements for three UNM regents, despite their tenures having ended on Dec. 31. With the 60-day state legislative session beginning this week, it might be hard for her to find time to name replacements, who must then be confirmed by a Senate committee before starting work on the Board.

According to the UNM Board of Regents website, the tenures of Regents Jack Fortner and Bradley Hosmer technically ended last month, as well as the tenure of Student Regent Ryan Berryman. Berryman graduated in December, and has since sent an official letter of resignation to Martinez, according to University officials.

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