The Indigenous Nations Library Program recently introduced the Michael and Enokena Olson Memorial Scholarship for full-time Native American students attending UNM.

The scholarship is comprised of two $250 awards per semester, and targets both graduate and undergraduate students who may need further financial assistance throughout the year.

Kevin Brown, program specialist for INPL, said through this scholarship the department hopes to alleviate some of the financial burden of those attending the University.

Battery on healthcare personnel at UNMH

On the morning of Nov. 24, a UNMPD officer was sent to UNMH in reference to a patient-on-nurse incident battery, according to a police report.

On this episode, we sit down with Ryan Ansloan, the chairman of the UNM Young Americans for Liberty, who has invited controversial alt-right blogger Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at UNM in January.

We also visit the 53rd annual ASUNM Arts and Crafts Fair, and talk to some of the artists about their work. And finally, sports editor Robert Maler gives a wrap-up of last weekend's Lobo men's and women's basketball games.

ASUNM’s Community Experience is partnering with Albuquerque Public Schools, UNM Hospital, and the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department this year to put on their annual Giving Tree event, as the student governing body hopes to encourage the spirit of giving this holiday season.

Students interested in participating in the event can take an ornament from the Christmas tree — located in the SUB atrium. Attached to each ornament are gift tags with specific items listed that students can donate to the participating organizations.

NM Democrats high on chances of pot legalization

At the next general election, voters may expect to see a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana, a long-gestating initiative that should gain some momentum following the results of Nov. 8’s local elections.

With the newly-elected Democratic majority in both the New Mexico House and Senate, proponents of recreational marijuana predict certain proposed bills will get through the legislature at the next general session in early 2017.

One bill was proposed by state representatives Bill McCamley, D-NM, and Javier Martinez, D-NM, at the special session called in September.

Provocative speaker plans to visit UNM

Self-styled journalist and “alt-right” figurehead Milo Yiannopoulos has accepted an invitation from UNM’s Young Americans for Liberty to speak in the SUB on Jan. 27.

However, “due to the partisan nature of Milo’s talks,” UNM College Republicans will be the group that officially plays host to the speaking engagement, according to UNM College Republicans Chairman Ryan Ansloan, who is also UNM YAL vice president.

Scribendi hopes to persevere through defunding

Despite having lost its UNM funding, Scribendi is determined to publish this year, as staff members of the student-produced magazine are reaching out to the local community for help, emphasizing the importance and role that Scribendi has within the student community.

In terms of student publications, Scribendi has helped put UNM on the map in its 30 years of existence. Alexandra Magel, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, said many students and instructors from all across the country have UNM on their radar because of it.

Anonymity and Usability: A look into UNM course feedback

With the semester nearing its end, students are starting to see emails from “UNM Course Feedback” urging them to evaluate their courses and instructors from the fall semester.

The email reads, in part: "Student feedback is highly valued and extremely important! Student feedback provided through course evaluations is crucial in order for Faculty to improve their instruction as well as other aspects of their courses. All responses are completely anonymous.”

However, students had questions about just how anonymous and vital those course evaluations are, with UNM having transitioned from paper, in-class evaluations to online evaluation surveys two years ago.

As student regent's term ends, potential successors interviewed

The search for a new student regent continues, as student governing entities have interviewed and selected potential candidates that they believed will be suitable for helping decide the strategic direction of the University, and also be the voice of the student body.

“Student regent is the only member of the Board (of Regents) to walk, live and breath the UNM community on a daily basis,” said current Student Regent Ryan Berryman, whose term finishes at the end of the month. “It is vital to bring that grassroots perspective to the board.”

What is a "sanctuary campus" anyway?

Last Friday, UNM students, faculty and staff joined forces during a teach-in at Ortega Hall, which entailed a panel discussion on the potential steps the University can take to protects its undocumented students.

The discussion focused on the current state of DACA — or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — and the ongoing campaign to make UNM a sanctuary campus.

But what exactly does the concept of “sanctuary campus,” entail, and how could it tangibly help undocumented students?

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