As early as Thursday, UNM researchers will take a mobile laboratory to the Blue Gap-Tachee Chapter of the Navajo Nation to study uranium mine dust and its health effects on the local residents.

After a four-hour drive, researchers will work for three months at Blue Gap-Tachee in a three-room semi-trailer equipped with a particle concentrator that serves as a mobile lab. UNM is collaborating with Michigan State University, who provided the lab, and the Southwest Research and Information Center on the project.

Lead project researcher Matthew Campen said research is already being done at UNM about mine waste-related health concerns around topics like seepage into groundwater. However, little work has been done on the effects of inhaling dust from the mine.

UNM Students get a sneak peak of Lobo Rainforest on April 26

According to a UNM Newsroom press release, a sneak peek for student housing at the Lobo Rainforest Building will be held Wednesday from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Interested residents will have an opportunity to tour the model room of the new student housing facility called Lobo Rainforest, which is located at 101 Broadway Blvd. NE, according to the press release. Applications are currently being accepted for student housing and are open to Innovation Academy students, current UNM Residents and UNM upperclassmen.

“We are not going to go home until we figure or find out who killed that little girl,” Albuquerque Police Sergeant Hollie Anderson said, recalling a case where she worked for 36 hours to solve the murder of girl who died in a drive-by shooting. “It takes a lot of dedication and the cops here are willing to do it.”

Anderson solved murders as a homicide detective from 2011 to 2015. Now, as a Sergeant, she leads her own team out in the field. With 20 cases under her belt, Anderson has a 90 percent solve rate and a 100 percent conviction rate.

“I really enjoy this job,” she said. “It’s way more than I had ever expected. And I have been happy my entire career.”

When she was in the homicide unit, Anderson said her team had the “highest solve rate in the nation to go along with the high homicide rate.”

Amid Department of Justice investigations into police departments across the nation for aggressive force, an assistant professor in UNM’s School of Public Administration sought out to discover the levels of inequality in municipal policing.

Agustin Leon-Moreta presented his findings last Friday as the last installment of a speaker series hosted by UNM’s School of Public Administration.

“Inequality in policing is a defining public policy challenge of our time,” Leon-Moreta said. “Recent events in Ferguson and other cities have raised the sense of urgency about policing programs of municipalities.”

Statistics students compete at UNM DataFest

Over the weekend students spent a grueling 48 hours analyzing, compiling and making sense of a vast data set in the American Statistical Association DataFest.

Four teams competed to analyze, compile and present an amount of data in an effective manner.

A graduate team — self-titled “The Visards” — won the award for Best in Show for their work over the weekend.

A member of the winning team, Eswar Damraju, spoke highly of the event.

“It was good experience to see how the industry uses large data sets,” he said.

NM legislators weigh in on fetal tissue controversy at UNM

Press conference met protest in front of Hodgin Hall Wednesday when a speaker posed the question, “If you knew that women were hurt by abortion, would you rethink your opinion?”

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, was joined at UNM Wednesday morning by congressman Steve Pearce, R-NM, and other New Mexico representatives to host a press conference addressing criminal referrals for UNM Hospital and local abortion clinic Southwestern Women's Options.

ASUNM Elections: Senate results a mix from different slates

With 35 candidates running, the undergraduate student body elected 10 new senators to serve a full term on the Associated Students of New Mexico Senate, and one to serve a half-term.

All three slates — Unity, Clear and InvolveU — were represented among the victors. Five came from Unity, four from Clear and One from InvolveU.

The candidate with the most votes in the election was Emilynn Wilks from the Unity slate with 472 votes. The only returning senator will be Theo Pirone-Aufrichtig, also from Unity.

Student uses Sustainability Expo to promote local economy

Rebekah Bibb, a UNM senior, is using the annual Sustainability Expo on Thursday to advocate for local economic development with a craft market consisting of various local and student vendors

Bibb, a student in the UNM Sustainability Studies program, is dedicating her senior capstone project in the program to promoting more sustainable buying practices and giving students an opportunity to showcase their crafts.

Green Issue: How green is my campus?

“We do the right thing — not the easy thing,” states UNM Physical Plant Department’s core values, which also include a commitment to continuous improvement and to “finding solutions that allow everyone to win.”

In an effort to reduce UNM’s energy costs, which “are in the millions and extremely difficult to calculate,” the PPD is implementing new programs across campus to lower energy costs and reduce the University’s carbon footprint.

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