Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spoke at a rally Thursday night at the Embassy Suites, campaigning for presidential candidate Donald Trump just days after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sander visited UNM to encourage support for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Pence’s speech touched on everything from political ethics and foreign policy to health care and voter fraud.

Pence said the Clinton Foundation, and Clinton herself, has acted unethically, while emphasizing that Trump has laid out a five-point plan for reforming ethics in Washington D.C.

UNM officials on Thursday announced the termination of a professor’s contract after sexual harassment and discrimination allegations were brought against him.

Cristobal Valencia was suspended earlier this semester for a second time in light of new information into the allegations against him. A report from the UNM Office of Equal Opportunity concluded with probable cause that he discriminated against certain students based on sexual orientation, violating University policy.

Crime Briefs for Oct. 20

“More than 43 million adults in the United States struggled with mental illness in the past year. Half of us will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in our lives, and one quarter by the age of 14,” said SHAC Public Information Representative Maya Trujillo, citing the Center for Disease Control and Preventio.

In the wake of such high statistics, this Thursday, University of New Mexico will be hosting free, annual mental health screenings from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the SHAC on Main Campus and at the UNM Law School on North Campus.

Board of Regents briefs

The UNM Board of Regents met on Tuesday and discussed, among other things, the University budget, athletics finances and the timeline for finding President Bob Frank's replacement. 

HSC leans on technology to push preventative measures at home

Associates and students at UNM’s Health Sciences Center has developed a smartphone app that engages visual aids to teach how to prevent injuries and hazards to children in the household.

The app stems from the Child Ready Program, which was made possible through a federally funded grant awarded to New Mexico and border regions of Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Mexico.

New report assesses UNM's gender pay gaps

Much has been said at varying levels about the pay gap between different genders and ethnicities in certain industries, but when factoring in rank and field of study, women and minority faculty are almost paid equally to men at UNM.

However, according to a report analyzing base pay of faculty from the Office of the Provost, , men are more likely to be promoted to full professorships, while salaries for women and minorities become less “competitive over time.”

In 2007, the UNM Economics Department conducted an analysis of faculty compensation for the Office of the Provost and found that — on average, without looking at rank and field of study — women faculty earned 87 percent compared to the salaries of white, non-Hispanic men.

UNM law program welcomes new director

Rodina Parnall, the former senior policy advisor to the assistant secretary of Indian Affairs, is joining the American Indian Law Center as the assistant director for the Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaskan Natives.

PSLI is an intensive 8-week program designed to prepare American Indians and Alaskan Natives for their first semester in law school.

Parnall, currently an adjunct professor atthe UNM School of Law, will be taking over for Heidi Nesbitt as director of the institute next year. Nesbitt, has been in the position since 1984 and will be retiring.

Bernie Sanders visits UNM to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders returned to Albuquerque on Tuesday morning to address over a thousand students and community members — some supports, some opponents — in a Get Out The Vote rally on campus.

Five months after sharing his message of political revolution during his own candidacy in front of more than 7,000 at the Albuquerque Convention Center, the senator from Vermont once again drew a crowd, made up mostly of those in support of the campaign’s mission to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.

Report: HSC improving in terms of faculty diversity

In 2011, UNM Health Sciences Center and Main Campus officials began a program to facilitate a more diverse faculty community at HSC, and it has been paying dividends in the years since its implementation.

The program is called the Advancing Institutional Mentoring Excellence Pilot Project (AIME), and according to a 2016 status report, the initial objective was to foster a more diverse workforce, mentor junior faculty members in “understanding of relational structures” and create educational tools for faculty to set and realize goals.

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