The Daily Lobo will soon provide episodes of its new Wolf Tracks podcast via the iTunes Store. For now, you can check out the very first episode of the podcast here, where Managing Editor Jonathan Baca and Editor-in-Chief David Lynch go in-depth into the new freshman living requirement that was recently passed by the UNM Board of Regents.

UNM President Bob Frank will not seek a second term with the University after his contract expires on May 31, 2017, he announced on Tuesday afternoon via a University press release.

Frank, the 21st president of the University, has been with UNM since 2012.

In a town hall session on Thursday, UNM President Bob Frank said the decision budgets cuts and the recent decision to implement a hiring freeze will help cover the University’s shortages in the next fiscal year.

Main Campus will remain on a hiring freeze for six months and closely evaluate the need for all vacant noncritical positions within the university, Frank said in a recent University-wide e-mail.

UNM Athletics is partnering with the ride service Uber to safely transport students to and from games.

“We believe this provides another alternative for students to attend the game and get home safely. It is convenient in that no parking pass is needed — the drop off/pick up is just north of University Stadium,” Deputy Athletic Director for External Operations Brad Hutchins said.

UNM students help pave the path to freedom for Guantanamo inmate

Four UNM students helped a pair of local lawyers secure a release recommendation for a Guantanamo Bay detainee, getting some work in for class in the process.

Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who was detained in 2002 for his alleged association with al-Qaeda in the early ‘90s, authored the bestselling memoir “Guantanamo Diary.” Despite his almost 14-year detainment, he was never charged.

UNM utilizes in-house talent and a format change to break the seal

In response to calls for UNM to remove offensive elements from the University’s official seal — which some say is offensive to the history of indigenous peoples — UNM art students are drafting potential new designs, which hasn’t been changed in 50 years.

The current seal has been under review for months, after several Native American student groups alleged that it was racist.

UNMPD's hiring process less stringent than APD's

Despite the alleged misconduct by officers during a 2014 UNMPD sexual assault investigation, UNMPD Lieutenant Timothy Stump said there are still a lot of good officers working for the department.

Stump said that although the department’s contact info is on the back of every student’s Lobo ID card, many are not aware of what the UNM police department does.

UNM group informs NM teens of opioid dangers

The same week President Barack Obama proclaimed National Prescription Opioid and Heroin Awareness Week, the Daily Lobo confirmed with UNMPD that a student overdosed on fentanyl — a potent synthetic opioid pain medication — in University dorms on June 16.

UNMPD Lieutenant Timothy Stump said the overdose resulted in death for the student, and investigators are still working on the case.

UNM can threaten disenrollment for students with outstanding parking fines

Students are apparently responsible for parking citations made by roommates and family members they share their home with — a lesson learned the hard way by UNM student Mark Davis, who was threatened with disenrollment for outstanding tickets.

Davis and his family had fallen victim to a UNM Parking policy that states students must take the hit and be held responsible for multiple tickets that they themselves did not receive.

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