Bernie Sanders hosted a campaign rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center to more than 7,000 people, with hundreds more being turned away at the doors.

Jim Hightower introduced the presidential candidate, addressing the Albuquerque crowd as revolutionaries.

“You’re lucky here in NM because you don’t have to wait for Independence Day in July.

In a text message sent to UNM students, staff and faculty, shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, the University warned of a "man with a gun" at the intersection of Yale Boulevard and Central Avenue with a white polo, dark pants and blue backpack. 

The text advises individuals in the area to shelter where they are. 

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As an incoming freshman, there are some things to know about being on campus.

UNM is in the center of the city and there are some issues which come with that, specifically with crime, which isn't exactly rare in the area.

According to UNM Police, since the start of January there have been at least 58 incidents of burglary, 99 cases of larceny and 41 incidents of battery. 

There are countless memes about broke college students, but there are also countless perks that many students are not aware of.

The LoboPerks program is a partnership between the UNM community and businesses at local and national levels. The purpose of the program is to acquire discounts for individuals connected to the University.

Freshman Issue: Psychology the toughest grad program to get into at UNM

UNM has several graduate-level curriculums housed on main and north campus. The toughest to get into? The Psychology Department’s, which has accepted class sizes between 12 and 15 in recent years.

Last year, the number was 15, out of 245 total applicants, according to Rikk Murphy, graduate program coordinator for the Psychology Department at UNM, which specializes primarily in clinical treatment.

Freshman Issue: Best local job opportunities

Time management is a huge part of a college student’s life. Balancing classes, homework, studying, a social life and money can be stressful. Many college students have jobs to pay for their own tuition and housing. With time being such a huge factor in their lives, working close to the University is ideal.

Freshman Issue: Office of Student Affairs works hard for freshmen

The mission of the UNM Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is to support and encourage all students to pursue academic excellence within and throughout the University’s diverse community, said the office’s director Dr. Elisio “Cheo” Torres.

The OSA establishes partnerships, programs, facilities, service, and leadership, he said.

Freshman Issue: Failing social security impacts students

Social Security isn’t something UNM students think about often, but it's vital to their future and in danger of being cut.

DeAnza Valencia-Sapien, associate state director of advocacy at AARP, said if no congressional action is taken, Social Security benefits will have to be cut by 25 percent after 2034.

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