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Holiday Time: Toy, food drives request donations, volunteers for holidays

Holiday Time: Toy, food drives request donations, volunteers for holidays

Perhaps Saint Francis of Assisi was right when he said that when people give, they also receive something in return.

At least, that sentiment resonates for Valarie Sheffey, a junior computer science major.

“None of us was born in a bubble,” she said. “Our communities shape us into the adults we are now and give us opportunities. It is only natural we show gratitude by returning the favor.”

Holiday Time: Gift-giving traditions across the globe

The tradition of gift giving has been around for as long as humans have lived in society. However, the nature of the gifts given depends a lot on time and space. The Daily Lobo has compiled a list of gift-giving traditions practiced in various countries on six continents.

Holiday Time: Top 5 things to get at UNM Bookstore

For many people, buying gifts are the most stressful of the holidays. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list without sending every cent in your bank account leaving you with only ramen to eat for all of January, most people don't know where to begin. The UNM Bookstore is a hidden utopia of gifts and ideas for everyone on your list, without causing your bank account to have a heart attack.

Holiday Time: St. Martin's gives food, shelter, opportunity to those in need

For a lot of people, the crisp autumn mornings are a friendly reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner. But for others, the falling leaves are a reminder of the harsh winter months to come.

According to data from the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness, in 2013 there were almost 1,200 homeless people in Albuquerque. This number fell by more than 800 people after 2009, but there’s still work to be done.

Holiday Time: A list of minor presents to give one's major supporters

Late November: the tail end of the semester where finals, cold weather and winter break leave students on the brink of stress-induced insanity. The relief of the holidays comes to students after final exams that, in some cases, could not have been passed without the assistance of friends and family.

A binge session of Netflix or a drink or two for those of legal age sometimes isn’t enough to fully show appreciation for the presence and deeds of those friends. Oftentimes friends aren’t shown the appreciation they deserve, they provide company, they help you move, they help you out with flashcards for quiz terms, and between the late nights and the long study sessions they stick around for better or for worse.

Holiday Time: College of Education donations grant the gift of literacy

In recent years the UNM College of Education has found a way to spread holiday cheer by giving students new reading material.

Since 2011, the Center for Student Success has teamed up with the GSLA for an annual book drive, offering new and gently used books to K-12 students in the community. The “2015 Book Fiesta” has enticed donors by planting giant bins across campus for anyone willing to donate reading materials.

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