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Monday, March 30, 2015

Athletic scholarships to be expanded at UNM

Athletic scholarships to be expanded at UNM

Last week, New Mexico became one of the first Mountain West schools to announce that it has decided to fund the full cost of attendance for its student athletes.

In an interview with LoboTV Thursday, Vice President for Athletics Paul Krebs said UNM will fund the full cost of attendance, which will add almost $1 million to the athletic budget. Athletic scholarships will increase by approximately $2,700, Krebs said.

In the past, athletic scholarships only covered tuition and fees, room and board and books. The full cost of attendance now includes those needs plus course fees, academic-related supplies and other basic necessities.

GPSA candidates debate ahead of elections

Online voting for Graduate and Professional Student Association leadership starts next week, and on March 28 the two presidential candidates discussed rising student fees, increased outreach and cooperation with student and University groups in their ... Read More

Most popular dictionary searches at UNM revealed


It was a surprisingly popular word at UNM last year, according to a recent report from dictionary.com. Searches on the word occur more frequently from campus than any other, according to a list released by the website that named the most searched words at 25 universities across the country. The data was determined through zip code matches.

While some students may be looking up exact definitions, the list shows that campuses are affected by a diverse range of issues.

Tracking down the mysterious Juan Tabo

Most Burqueños know where Juan Tabo Boulevard begins and ends. However, the story of whom or what the name refers to has no clear beginning, middle or end.

Nancy Brown-Martinez, a librarian at the UNM’s Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections, said the Juan Tabo question has come up many times, but added there is no definitive answer.

The CSWR has only a few clues as to whom or what Juan Tabo might have been.

UNM Microwave research intensifies

A team of UNM researchers is developing next-generation microwave sources for high-power applications.

With their new approach, the researchers are trying to create devices with smaller size that are reconfigurable and highly efficient.

“This could be a breakthrough in the high-power microwave world,” said Sabahattin Yurt, a graduate research assistant in the applied electromagnetics research group.

Survivor's support program awarded

Dalila Romero, peer navigator and co-founder of Comadre a Comadre, was awarded the Spirit of Hope Award on March 21. The award is given annually by The Nancy Floyd Haworth Foundation to “exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions in the fight against breast cancer.”

Comadre a Comadre, founded 10 years ago, is an organization on UNM campus that “helps empower the lives of Hispanic/Latina women and their loved ones through advocacy, education, information, resources and support about breast health and breast cancer.”

Born and raised in a small Texas town, Romero moved to New Mexico when she was 16 and has done various community work in Albuquerque. She received her certification as a navigator through the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute, which teaches methods for more effective cancer screening and treatment.

Senators forget homework on failed resolution

The Associated Students of UNM failed a resolution at Wednesday’s meeting that would have asked University administration to remove the need for a social security number in University applications, thereby allowing undocumented citizens to attend.

Resolution 8S sought to ease admission and accessibility to UNM and its resources for the undocumented student population who do not have social security numbers.

However, confusion and debate over the structure and preparation for the resolution ultimately led to a general uneasiness about passing it. Sen. Kyle Stepp said the Senate passing the resolution without doing its due diligence is the wrong thing to do.

Santolina plan raises concerns for residents

More than 100 residents met downtown on Wednesday to protest against the proposed Santolina Master Plan.

Members of nearly a dozen community organizations, along with five tractors belonging to local farmers, marched to the Bernalillo County Commission office to share their concerns about how the proposed city would affect the area’s already limited water supply.

Virginia Necochea, executive director of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems, said despite their opposition to the plan, the Contra Santolina coalition is not an anti-growth group.

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