Press conference met protest in front of Hodgin Hall Wednesday when a speaker posed the question, “If you knew that women were hurt by abortion, would you rethink your opinion?”

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, was joined at UNM Wednesday morning by congressman Steve Pearce, R-NM, and other New Mexico representatives to host a press conference addressing criminal referrals for UNM Hospital and local abortion clinic Southwestern Women's Options.

With 35 candidates running, the undergraduate student body elected 10 new senators to serve a full term on the Associated Students of New Mexico Senate, and one to serve a half-term.

All three slates — Unity, Clear and InvolveU — were represented among the victors. Five came from Unity, four from Clear and One from InvolveU.

The candidate with the most votes in the election was Emilynn Wilks from the Unity slate with 472 votes. The only returning senator will be Theo Pirone-Aufrichtig, also from Unity.

Rebekah Bibb, a UNM senior, is using the annual Sustainability Expo on Thursday to advocate for local economic development with a craft market consisting of various local and student vendors

Bibb, a student in the UNM Sustainability Studies program, is dedicating her senior capstone project in the program to promoting more sustainable buying practices and giving students an opportunity to showcase their crafts.

“We do the right thing — not the easy thing,” states UNM Physical Plant Department’s core values, which also include a commitment to continuous improvement and to “finding solutions that allow everyone to win.”

In an effort to reduce UNM’s energy costs, which “are in the millions and extremely difficult to calculate,” the PPD is implementing new programs across campus to lower energy costs and reduce the University’s carbon footprint.

Green Issue: New program explores the culture and history of Ireland

Between the rolling green hills and rugged coastlines of Ireland lies a country heavy in literature and history.

UNM professors Sarah Townsend and Caleb Richardson are expanding the presence of Irish Studies on campus, to gain momentum for this interdisciplinary program.

"Imaging Ireland," a study-abroad program developed by their collaboration, is creating closer ties between UNM and Ireland, while also piquing students’ interest in Irish studies.

Green Issue: Where does your student fee money go?

The Daily Lobo reached out to ASUNM to find out how student fees are distributed.

Delia Brennan, ASUNM chief of staff, emphasized that there are different categories of student fees.

The student activity fee is "the one we think about when we think of student fees. It goes to things like all the resource centers on campus. It goes toward athletics, it goes toward LoboRESPECT, the SHAC runs on it, the libraries and so on,” she said.

Ski Team protest crashes Board of Regents meeting

The UNM ski team and their supporters gathered in front of Hodgin Hall just after 7 a.m. Tuesday morning to protest the decision of Athletic Director Paul Krebs to cut all funding to the team.

In addition to the ski team, the women’s rugby team, locals and UNM alumni sported lobo colors while holding signs reading, ‘Give us a chance,’ ‘Highest GPA’ and ‘3.9 GPA’.

Alexandra Hammon, a woman’s rugby player who attended the rally, said she has heard of the ski team’s academic and athletic success.

“I know they’re one of the only UNM athletics programs who progressively excels at their sport,” Hammon said. “They keep getting championships, they keep getting individual championships and to me, this just seems like a really low blow.”

ASUNM joins NM student body leaders to condemn veto of higher ed funding

On Tuesday, Associated Students of UNM President Kyle Biederwolf joined the student body presidents of five other New Mexico institutions to condemn the recent veto of higher ed funding for next year by Gov. Susana Martinez.

“We firmly believe that access to higher education is more important than ever in New Mexico. We need to be investing in bright and innovative minds to tackle our state’s challenges,” the statement reads. “We are disappointed in those elected to serve us, as they have allowed such a critical issue to be caught in the middle of partisan political crossfire.

Martinez chose to strike funding for UNM and other colleges across the state earlier this month, in an act of defiance against what she called a “wasted” 60-day session by New Mexico legislators.

Group that spearheaded hunger-free students bill has long worked to solve issues in NM

A New Mexico bill that prevents stigmatizing students with meal debt has made headlines across the country, but according to its authors, the legislation is just the tip of the iceberg on a much bigger issue.

The Hunger-Free Students’ Bill of Rights Act was signed into law by Gov. Susana Martinez earlier this month and requires schools to work with parents to pay lunch debts or sign up for federal meal assistance.

The legislation, SB 374, was written by New Mexico Appleseed, a small nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that focuses on solving issues like hunger, poor education and homelessness in New Mexico.

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