Rusty Rutherford knows what it's like to have girls fawning all over him.

His 5-foot-6, 110-pound frame has ensured success with the ladies for much of his 18 years. This weekend, in a new show at the Tricklock Performance Space, "How to Pick up Chicks," Rutherford is sharing some tips and techniques so all men might share in his success.

Some old favorite pick-up lines are included in his standard approach, sure-fire ways for guys to score with the chicks - whether they're blessed with a body like Rutherford's or not.

"I have a lot of the old-fashioned lines with a new twist to them," he said. "Like, I lost my virginity - can I have yours? And you and me equals STD."

Rutherford says these lines work wonders, but a physique like his seals the deal.

"I rip off my shirt and the girls usually flock right to me," he said. "If that's not enough, I suggest oiling down your body with motor oil."

His tips are not only practical, they're achievable if you're willing to put in a little effort.

"To keep in shape I have to do tons of working out - at least four or five push-ups every day," Rutherford said.

Rutherford's comedy has won over many local fans. Countless Albuquerque residents who've seen Rutherford at Tricklock's "Reptilian Lounge" have enjoyed his rubber mallet routine.

The bit is simple in design, but scores huge laughs and massive audience participation. Rutherford says "rubber," holding an inflatable mallet, audiences scream "mallet." It goes on and on like this, with different variations on the theme.

"The rubber mallet bit originated in my sophomore year of high school, right after I found out I was going to host a public access TV show," Rutherford said. "I wanted to do something to get kicked out of the talent show and film it. I created this crazy off the wall bit."

Hence, the rubber mallet routine was born.

"My plan was to keep going until they basically had to drag me off the stage. I say 'rubber' you say 'mallet,'" Rutherford said. "I kept going with it and much to my surprise, they picked me to do the actual talent show that year."

He said he figured the act would get booed off the stage, but surprisingly, everyone got into it.

The rubber mallet bit has since been included as a regular part of his routine, said Rutherford, performed again at his high school, the Reptilian Lounge and even "an old folks' home."

"A few of the old folk fell asleep," he said. "But it was a pretty good reaction."

"How to Pick up Chicks" will be the blossoming comedian's biggest production so far.

"This is my first big one-man show," Rutherford said. "I've done other short pieces. The longest I've done up until now is about fifteen minutes."

Rutherford, a theater major at UNM, said he hopes "How to Pick up Chicks" will lead to more performances.

"I love to entertain people," Rutherford said. "My goal is to be an entertainer any way I can."

The What, When and Where

What: 'How to Pick Up Chicks'

When: Friday and Saturday 8 p.m.,

Sunday 6 p.m.

Price: $8 Adults, $6 Students and


Where: Tricklock Performance Space

112 Washington SE

Tickets and info: 254-8393