As a Religious Studies major who happens to be Muslim, I recently signed up for classes related to my religion of choice: Islam. I thought that taking these classes would increase my knowledge of the religion and give me a much-needed break from the lies and propaganda that I see on the news. Man, was I wrong. Not only did my teachers not know about the true teachings of Islam, they acted like cheerleaders for the so-called War on Terror. I had one professor compare the Prophet Muhammad to Adolf Hitler. Then a couple of days after that, another professor told a class of scared Christians that Islam teaches terrorism. And so here I am in the middle of another semester listening to the same lies. I sometimes find myself asking, “Did my professors of Islam study the religion at the University of Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib?” The only knowledge about Islam that is being passed on to non-Muslim students is fear and hatred. Maybe one day common sense will prevail and UNM will hire Muslims to teach classes about Islam.

Muhajir Salam
UNM student