Tiffanie Kidd and her three children sat at Cuidando los Niños nursery waiting for their turn to take a family photo.

Kidd, who partook in Help-Portrait, said Saturday’s event gave her family its first opportunity to be photographed since her 4-month-old was born.

“We have not had a family portrait in years, so this is a great big thing for us today,” she said.

About 10 photographers and 25 volunteers rallied to help at least 12 displaced or homeless families at Saturday’s photo sesssion, sponsored by global nonprofit Help-Portrait and Albuquerque’s Cuidando los Niños. Volunteers provided hair, make-up and clothes to families.

Morgan Petroski, who organized the event, found out about the global project last year, but did not have the time to pull an event together. She said this project is not just about taking family photos.

“This is about giving back,” Petroski said. “This is about giving a family something that they probably have never had access to before or in a very long time.”

Volunteer photographer Amy Romero said family photos are precious artwork.

“A photograph shows the family unit,” she said. “It’s artwork to me, and it’s artwork that is the most personal to the family. I think everyone wants that.”

Kelly Torres, a single mother of three, said her family will cherish the photo, and it will be something her children can look back on when they’re older.

“It’s something I didn’t have,” she said. “I had one portrait of my mom and my older brother. So, this will be the first time all four of us will be taking a family portrait.”