Readers, haters and anyone else who has turned to the opinion section today:

You might have seen fliers or ads for the first ever Daily Lobo Open House. Let me assure you, cynical readers, these announcements are no hoax, and we are opening our metaphorical and literal doors to anyone interested in writing for this fine publication.

The requirements to write for such a prestigious publication, you ask?

Why, dear reader, they are next to nonexistent.

Can you write? Can you talk to people? If you answered “yes” to both questions, we can make you into a journalist.

You don’t need journalism classes or previous experience writing for a paper. All you need is desire, and we’ll cover the rest.

So please, don’t hesitate to come to our forum. Editors from all three desks — news, sports and culture — will attend, so there is something for whatever your interest might be.

Bring a résumé, a writing sample (any sort is fine) and you’ll be interviewed on the spot. Who knows, this might change the entire direction of your life and the cosmos with it. Or maybe you’ll just have a chance to make a little bit more pocket money.

Regardless, what do you have to lose?

Chris Quintana