Dear readers,

As I am fond of saying, I worship the conversation we can create on this opinion page, but, alas, I have noticed this conversation is a bit one-sided.

Let’s not play, okay? You know it. I know it. The Tralfamadorians know it. In short, everyone knows the letters and column in this publication tend to lean to the left.

I don’t know where it comes from. Personally, I am a devoted “Stay the hell out of the political conversation as best as I can, lest I become one of those crazy screaming partisan people,” type.
But for some reason, the majority of letters we receive lean to the left.

We have oft been criticized for favoring the left. I’d disagree. I would say people in favor of “liberal” ideals are just the ones writing the letters. I am dying for someone from the other side of the conversation to respond.

I believe a one-sided conversation is the worst type of conversation you could ever have, dear readers.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, we live in an echo chamber. Anything we believe, we can find echoed somewhere in the mass media, and this sort of perpetual echoing does nothing to enrich our lives. In fact, I would say it’s like trying to grow plants out of soil that has long since been depleted.

Accordingly, in an effort to replenish our conversational soil, I am calling out to the people who accuse us of being a left-leaning liberal rag to send us letter so we can balance ourselves out, and just be a rag in general.

Some of you might be in disbelief. Test me. Send me a letter as to why driver’s licenses shouldn’t be given to undocumented immigrants. Or better yet, send me a letter against government support-programs. Or how about a letter in favor of privatization of government agencies?

I swear, and let this column be the proof that holds me accountable, I will publish any letter that goes against so-called “left” ideals. As long as the letter isn’t blatantly racist or offensive without reason, I will publish it.

So, readers, let’s hear that other side of the conversation. There’s soil in dire need of tilling.