UNM students will produce a television advertisement designed to recruit students.

Director of the Communications and Marketing Department Cinnamon Blair said students have created the advertisement for the last two years. She said the project benefits the University as a whole, as well as the individual students involved in its production.

“This is a great opportunity for undergraduates studying communication and journalism and film because it gives them national recognition and better applicability in their field of study when they graduate from UNM,” she said. “This year we are excited to have students from the Anderson School of Management getting involved in the project.”

Working through an internship with UNM’s Communication and Marketing Department, students create a 30-second and 60-second “institutional spot” to be shown during televised NCAA Lobo games.

The commercial students put together last year, titled “Big Moments,” aired on CBS during the men’s basketball game against UNLV on Saturday. The commercial highlights “moments” that portrayed the rewarding experiences students have during their time at UNM.

One part of the advertisement shows a student conducting an archeological dig. Another shows a basketball player, played by student athlete Phillip McDonald, preparing to run out of the tunnels before a game.

Although the commercial will primarily be used during sports events, Blair said the University will use the commercial for other advertising as well.

The internship gives students the opportunity to gain professional experience in film production, acting, music composition, cinematography and business.

Every year, four undergraduate student interns are chosen from various disciplines to work with faculty advisers from their respective fields.

This year’s interns are Rachelle Ray and Tyler Cheshire from the Communications and Journalism department, Hannah Gillis from Anderson School of Management and Daniel Maestas from the interdisciplinary film and digital media program. The students delivered the first formal presentation of their creative concepts to departments, including Athletics and health sciences, Thursday in the Student Union Building.

Professional intern Tess Goering is a graduate student in communication and marketing and is aiding the undergraduates. She said the feedback provided by these constituents and the input offered by faculty advisers will help the interns move forward with a more cohesive theme that is agreed to best represent UNM as a whole.

“This is an opportunity for us to showcase our students’ talent here at UNM,” she said.

Although faculty advisers from each department provide their interns with a great deal of guidance in making the commercials, the interns themselves are responsible for its actual production.

The commercials that have been created the last two years have each been shown at the graduation commencement ceremonies in May.

Blair and Goering hope to hold an opening for this year’s commercial in George Pearl Hall, in late April or early May.

“Every year we see UNM through a new group of students’ eyes,” Blair said. “We are excited to see what is in store for this year.”

See this year’s “Big Moments” ad spot at http://promo.unm.edu/