Rhiannon Frazier, sophomore, theatre

“A lot of people call me a hipster, but I don’t identify with the hipster style. I like to wear what I’m comfortable in, and I dress for weather.”

Frazier said she’s an indie kid and uses the same name to describe her style. She prefers grey and beige, muted palettes with a pop of color to bring her look to life. Frazier’s inspiration comes largely from the Internet where stylish people are on blogs and photos everywhere.

Favorite Trend: “The big openings in the torso area and the shoulders.” Frazier likes flyaway tops even though they may be on their way out of the fashion scene, she said. “It’s cute and it’s sexy but you’re covered enough that it’s still intriguing.”

Least Favorite Trend: “The neon. There are a lot of the things from the eighties that are coming back in a very big way and that’s one thing I don’t think should.”

Advice to a fashion defunct friend: “The best you can put on is a smile,” Frazier said and this is advice she received from a friend during her own style crisis. “If you’re wearing something you feel sexy and confident in then people perceive that. Go out and get the cutest dress you’ve ever seen yourself in and wear that for a week. When you feel good about yourself you start making better decisions.”

Earrings—borrowed from a friend
Necklace—A gift from a friend in England
Shirt—Zumiez, $20
Scarf—Forever 21, $8
Pants—Marks and Spencer (in England), £30
Sandals—Target, $18

Bruno Vera, senior, finance

“It’s like a personal way of dressing. I like to dress like this. Every person has his own style.”

Bruno Vera, an exchange student from Mexico, said his style is influenced by his life. For instance, this outfit was largely the result of his golfing class. Vera strongly believes that style is individual, and what makes you feel good.

Favorite Trend: Vera said he doesn’t really have a favorite trend. “I don’t mind if we dress differently. It all depends on the person and what they want.”

Least Favorite Trend: “I wouldn’t wear gym clothes outside of the gym. I see a lot of people in pants and sweatshirts, and I wouldn’t do that.”

Advice to a fashion defunct friend: “I would start with shoes that he likes and see if he’s sporty or does other activities. Maybe you will like to wear this or that, it depends on who he is and what he likes.”

Hat—from Mexico, $20
Sunglasses—Ray Ban, $200
Shirt—Polo Ralph Lauren, $40
Watch—MIDO, $700
Belt—from Mexico, $30
Pants—American Eagle, $40
Shoes—Aldo, $70